Monday, April 2, 2012

Funny things kids say

Here is a totally NON-financial post....we got a kick out of these things that recently came out of our children's mouths....hope you do too.


The other night G-man forgot to cut up something on her plate (we are working on this skill).  On accident, Sassy handed him her bread instead of the knife.  G-man teased her and said "I can't cut this with a piece of bread!". 

Her response:  You could if it had SHARP cheddar on it.

We were talking about our upcoming trip to Sesame Place and being silly about the order of events.  We said , "so it is Pennsylvania, Sesame Place, Montana, Texas, then home?" and other silly things.  G-man added in "so it goes PA, state of confusion, pool, pizza, chaos, chaos, then home?"

His response:  It takes a long time to get to the State of Confusion. (Last year we hit traffic, so it took 5 hrs to get to PA, instead of the anticipated 3.  This was a play off of last year).



  1. Love it! can't wait until our little one can talk... right now it's just a fussy baby lol


  2. LOL those were funny and sophisticated! You have some smart cookies there :)

  3. Super smart and funny! They sound fabulous!