Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not our year for dental....

Alright...who decided that this was our year for Murphy's cousin, Dentin (get it?  No?  *sigh*) to move in?

Just a quick re-cap....

July 2011 - Sassy broke her tooth
Nov 2011 (I think...I am too lazy to check exactly) - G-man abscess
March 2012 - Mysti's root canal (with crown to come in late May)

We were already anticipating that Bossy would have an orthodontics consult later in 2012.  That will be pushed off, probably until Spring 2013.  Per his check-up yesterday, his baby teeth are no where ready to come out, so the orthodontics will wait.  We already know that it WILL happen, but he is a late teether, so we are just going to have to play it by ear.  The dentist said MAYBE by Fall 2013 he will be ready for braces.  And that is a big maybe.  The good news for us is that we have more time to figure out how to pay for it.

But now Sassy needs to see an oral surgeon.  When they took her x-rays, they saw an "extra" tooth blocking her 12-year molar.  (The x-ray is actually very neat...we can see which is going to be the next baby tooth to come out!)  Bases on the x-ray, it isn't clear if it really is an extra tooth, or possibly her wisdom tooth that is forming in the wrong spot.  *sigh*  No one seems overly concerned, but she will need to have a consult with the oral surgeon to determine if it is a "wait and see" situation, or if they will have to go in and remove what is there.

When we get back from our trip, I will schedule that appointment for her.  And of course...our FABULOUS dental insurance won't cover any of this.

At the rate we are going....our FSA will be gone by Summer.  So much for the rest of the year!!!


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  2. We spent $5,000 for the middle son's orthodontics after the insurance picked up their part. My oldest son had to have wisdom teeth out last year and then we discovered that he has an enamel defect (well really, we got reminded of it) and he needs a crown on every single tooth. 28 teeth without wisdom teeth. At over $1100 a tooth. Our insurance paid for 80% of two teeth last year and we got three done. They paid 80% of one tooth this year and then refused the second one. We were well into the third one by this time.

    The dentist has resubmitted the second one with pictures of the tooth with no enamel. This is not cosmetic, people!!! And we definitely do not have $30,000 to pay for Ben to have all of his teeth crowned.

    I had hoped to manage four teeth this year, but if the insurance won't come through on the second, we will have to back that off to three. He's going to be 21 in November and I am afraid we will lose the insurance on his teeth before we can get them all fixed. 28 teeth is a lot of teeth. A LOT of teeth!


  3. Dentistry is a very expensive business, but your teeth determine your whole bodies health. I am sorry you are going through this but I have been here with my three kids.

  4. Im planning for dental work that I need to have done next month already. And we really underestimated our flex spending and it will probably run out by September :(