Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting closer to RESET

The loan FINALLY funded!!!!!  YIPPEEE!!!!

I looked at all the current balances for the 5 accounts that this loan will consolidate (CC1-4, Lending Club), and the loan will wipe out all but about $500.  Interest, small mis-steps....we knew that the loan amount will be close.  Plus, we "forgot" abut the $50 processing fee.  I am not worried about the little bit that will be left over.  That will be taken care of in the coming weeks.

As I said before, the extra money per month that we will have will first go toward the Dentists.  I am not 100% what the current balances are.  The kids just went to the dentist last week, and the insurance is still pending.  We know the estimated amount they will pay, but it does vary.  Once we know the real numbers, it will be easier to figure out how long it will take to settle up.

I am still waiting on the FSA reimbursement for my root canal.  All that will happen is that I will turn that money around and give it back to the dentist to pay for my upcoming crown.  Once the crown bill is paid by FSA, I can finally give it back to my EF.

We are still working on life insurance, so part of our new monthly budget will be accommodating that.

I am hoping that the remainder will go towards the student loan.  I say "hoping" because I am also playing with the amount we are putting towards the car maintenance fund.  But I am also considering stopping our EF at $1500 (vs $2000; with the FSA reimbursement, we are just under $1400).  That would free up $100 a month that was going to go to home repairs, but it may be diverted to car repairs.

I am working on the May budget, which is a little hard because I don't know what G-man's new paycheck will look like yet.  Plus his overtime will be in there, so I have to account for that.

Anyway....lots of math going on around here.  Of course, there are the unknown variables, like how much our oil bill will go up per month (or down!  Oh please, let it go down!) when we end the budget year this summer.  I guess I will have to deal with that when it happens.

In the meantime, I am accounting for Mother's Day gifts (I am trying to think of something the kids can make, that we haven't already done), so I can keep it on the low-cost side.  We have the wedding in a few weeks, so we need the money for the gift and the sitter.

And in the realm of "completely out of my control," we have an impending death in the family.  The funeral will be 2.5 hrs away, so when that happens, that will be a full day affair.  Which will include a tank of gas, contribution to fruit basket, and who knows what else.

I am hoping to unveil the RESET for May 1!!


  1. Oh, how exciting! 5 more days for the unveiling. That sidebar will look a bit shorter. Can I advice to put half and half student loan/car maint instead of one or the other? At least until you get a good minimum. Surprises like that really suck, and with the summer coming, a whole new array of possible car problems can arise. Best of luck, and congrats on finally getting the loan to post!

  2. Looks like you have let's of number crunching to do! I'd keep the EF going if you can though, even if it's just $5-10/week... Hope you're not waiting too long for your reimbursement!

  3. I can't wait to see your credit card debts paid off or mostly down. I think this new approach is really going to work well for you.

  4. That will be so nice for you. Just less to think about easier to automate!