Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat - February 12, 2012

I actually stopped what I was doing so I could participate in Sunday Night Chit Chat!

Who doesn't love puppies??!!!

Nothing.  BUT....I am hoping to get to the library in a few days and find something very light and Chick-Lit. 
Watching...Believe it or not...I still haven't watched the stuff I was going to watch LAST Sunday night!  Kids will go to bed at 8:30pm, and I am GOING to watch Grey's Anatomy while I fold laundry. 
Listening to...
At the very moment...the kids are watching Blue's Big Musical Show.  They have seen this thing dozens of times.  So I am listening to Steve and Ray Charles belt it out right now.
Cooking/Baking....Nothing today.  Dinner was "let's use up the left overs" night.  All I did was make rice, and technically G-man did that while I was setting the table.

Happy you accomplished this week...
I am ALMOST finished with my decluttering challenge for the week.  Oh, and 3 loads of laundry.  And bookfair. 

Looking forward to this week...
OMG....3 days, 16 hrs until G-man and the kids leave for Nannie's house, and I will have almost FOUR whole days ALONE.  I say alone, but friends have already said....Girl's Night Out!

Thankful for today...
That we didn't have to go running errands at all this weekend.  I haven't left the house since 9pm on Friday night when I got home from bookfair.

I love Sunday night.  I will set up coffee and breakfast for tomorrow.  Get lunch money ready.  And be able to start the week off calmly.


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend. Not having to leave the house to do anything! Minus the laundry part but I guess that has to be done. Hope your few days with the family are calm and uneventful and that your "vacation" days are awesome.

  2. LOVE the puppy pic!! SOO sweet! Emily Giffin books are very light, fun, & chick lit! Start with "Something Borrowed".. I think you'd like it! :) I've seen that Blues movie about 200x, no lie. lol! Have a great night!

  3. I agree that puppy picture is just so cute.


  4. A MOMMY VACATION!!!! lucky lady! congrats on the decluttering doesn't it feel good to move out some of the hidden extras.

  5. those puppies are gorgeous!! 4 days alone - sounds like heaven

  6. I haven't left the house since Friday afternoon either! It has been very nice! Have a great week!

  7. Wow, getting to stay home and catch up and you get a free weekend! WooHoo! Happy Valentines day!