Friday, February 3, 2012

I did all of that....for 16 cents.

My bad day just continued to get worse.   I won't bore you with it.  I will say that the Walmart trip was particularly amusing, and ended with me sprinting out of the store, just so I could get the heck out of there.

But the story I would like to share today involves gas for the car.

I have mentioned the fuel point program that some of the local stores have.  One of the programs is $0.10 off per gallon for every $100 spent.  They have other deals going on, like buy 6 of these items, get a bonus $0.20 off. That kind of thing.  I usually save up points until I have $0.50 or $.60 cents off before I redeem them.

Now, there are 2 gas stations that take these points.  One is a little further away, but typically the gas is cheaper.  I try and use that gas station if I can.  I based my errands around going to that station.  I drove PAST the closer station.  Get to the "cheaper" station to find out......

The gas was a big ole whopping 1 cent cheaper this week.  1 cent. 

My day was already lousy.  And there were several other mis-steps in errands prior to the gas station incident (but I will say the Walmart incident was AFTER the gas station).  But to find out I went out of my way for 16 cents total.  Not cool.

Additionally, the store has stopped its loyalty program, where you automatically get $0.05 off additional if you use your store loyalty card.  Now it is purely based on the points you accumulate for purchases.  That stinks.

16 cents.  I did all of this for 16 cents.


  1. Wow. Our stores around here cap at .10c/gal, and they expire within 30days. I would LOVE to just stack them until I get to .60c/gal. Heck, I'd buy everyone some gas. And I feel your disappointment. I have done something similar to that before, and I end up paying MORE than if I had gone to the other places. It's a hit or miss. You gotta take the hits as you take the misses! Hope your day turns out better.

  2. 16 cents per gallon?? not bad, for my car that would be a savings of 3 dollars!


  3. Mysti, I remember getting up every day and gathering all the soda cans out of every trash can. I did this for months and then I loaded all the stinky bags into my SUV stood in line had to fill out tons of paperwork, prove my residence, drivers license blood type and I rec'd $7.12 cents. Now I am trying to increase my carbon foot print. (just kidding) But I do not recycle.

  4. I've had those days before, where I think I'm making the most frugal choice, go out of my way, waste time, & then find out I save $.22 or something. Makes me crazy. Hope your day improves & that you get a chance to do something fun for yourself this weekend! Maybe a hot bath, or catch up with a book?

  5. some days you just wonder why you do it don't you..


  6. @Tanner - the store used to cap it, but then another store started letting you accumulate they followed suit.

    @HS - no...I saved 16 cents TOTAL. Gas was $3.68 local, and $3.67 at the station I went to. It was about 16 gallons for my fill 16 cents total savings.

    @Hawaii - Nothing fun on the agenda for the weekend. Cleaning, laundry, bookfair stuff.

    @Gill - I often wonder....

  7. Well, if you'd like, I'll play the part of Suzie Sunshine: At least you didn't spend 16 cents MORE! And any savings is a step in the right direction!

    (But I get it - that would tick me off, too :)


  8. I know - the things we do for a couple cent is hilarious =)

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