Sunday, February 5, 2012

GBU - February 5, 2012

Happy February!!! 

Not much exciting about this past week.  But this coming week will bring all sorts of stuff with it!!!  

The Good: 
  • Decided on cell phone plan; staying with same carrier, so phones have a discount, and we don't have to start over with activation fees and such.
  • Haven't bought anything for our bedroom while I have been cleaning and decluttering.
  • G-man and kids WILL be going away President's Day Weekend!!!!!
The Bad:
  • Bossy was sick most of the week (he is better now).
  • Rough draft of taxes shows a very small refund for federal, and owing for state.
  • G-man's car battery is acting up and probably needs to be replaced.
  • G-man didn't get the 2 OT shifts he applied for in March.
The Ugly:
  • Weight loss is going nowhere.
  •  Still haven't mailed stuff that needs to be returned!

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?????

1 comment:

  1. The good - we got everything on my list at the grocery store and we still had a few dollars left in the envelope. Hubby got a bonus from work that could and might be used to pay off some debt.

    The bad - My friend is engaged to a total d bag and despite my best efforts I haven't figured out how to "pretend to be happy for her" like she wants me to.

    The ugly - Hubby isn't getting along with his boss and he hates his job. It is really, really possible that unless he finds another job fast he will be without a job and that bonus money will be used to live on...and when it is gone...what will we do? I am pretty scared about it...