Monday, January 2, 2012

What is in YOUR stars???

Not everyone is into Astrology, or Numerology, or any of those other "future" telling sciences.  I do not follow them closely, nor do I make decisions based on them.  But I have found out in my life that when I look back on things, events tend to have unfolded as predicted by the stars.  I once went to a psychic, and the session was taped (audio....cassette.....remember those???)  I found the tape YEARS later, and listened to it, and ALOT of what she said had come true.

So Yahoo! has posted an overview of the 2012 Horoscope  for those who would like some insight.  I am a Taurus, and per the prediction...this should be a pretty good year.  Here are some of the highlights (but if you are a Taurus and want the full skinny....go check it out!)

  • With lucky Jupiter continuing to bless your stars, you can definitely expect to have the Midas touch in 2012, Taurus. 
  • The first six months of the year are part of an ongoing personal renovation project before generous Jupiter leaves your stars. 
  • On the contrary - as soon as Jupiter moves into Gemini in June, your luck continues to build while grounding you in positive energy. The second half of the year will bring you great financial prosperity and opportunities to expand your talents.
  •  Money and finance take center stage for most of the year as you experience several gains and losses. The key to your sanity will be to ride the wave of unpredictability and, in the end, trust that you'll still come out ahead. Pay special attention to your finances around the major eclipse points in May, June and December. Watch for new money-making opportunities around your birthday. It's just in time, because you may very well need to pad your piggy bank for some unexpected expenditures in June and July.
How does your year look???


  1. I'm a taurus! lets hope it is as good as they say ;) I could use a gold touch right now !!! hehe... I knew I liked your spunk for some reason!

  2. this sounds awesome to me! i am a taurus!

  3. I love the stuff honestly. I don't follow it religiously but this type of thing? Why not!

    Leo Outlook for 2012
    This is a year of fabulous fortune for you, Leo, especially in the career realm. You'll have the auspices of Jupiter in Taurus doing your bidding for the first half of 2012; during the year's second half, you'll have the lucky planet blessing your long-range goals and wishes. And if that's not enough of a cosmic bonus, Jupiter will also bring good things to your social life from July through the end of the year. Expect unprecedented party invites and new friends pouring into your life by the time summer arrives!

    Mars will activate your financial sector for the first half of 2012, so expect a good portion of your energy to go into making (and spending) money. The first quarter of the year is a good time to conserve your resources and put more effort and reflection into how you can double your investments and increase your earning potential. When Mars comes out of retrograde in May, you'll be able to trust your instincts and spend your money more freely.

    The eclipse season begins in May - just in time to shake up your romantic sector for the summer! The new Moon solar eclipse in May brings the year's first winds of change into your love life. You may or may not be expecting such intensity in your romantic life, but you'll welcome it all the same. You've been daring life to take you on, and now you can finally meet a partner capable of handling your towering strength and confidence. After all, isn't it about time you met your match? And now that Saturn is moving out of your communication sector - after two-and-a-half years of blocking your ability to speak from the heart - you'll be back to your old outspoken self after October!