Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Year's Eve.  We stayed in, watched a movie and part of The Big Bang Theory marathon that was on.  We were in bed around 11:30pm.  A friend called my cell phone at 1am (I didn't hear it, but G-man did).  He wasn't too happy about being woke up.

The weather today....bright and sunny.  Hoping that is a good omen.

We found out today that there will be no cost of living increase at G-man's job.  This is the second year in a row.  Nothing we can do about that one.  Luckily, our medical insurance stayed the same (within a dollar or two).  I was hoping MAYBE to put the COLA into retirement, but since it is a non-issue....onward and upward.

My day will be spent picking up around here, working on my new blog header....maybe inputing some of the tax deduction stuff I have in prep for taxes in a few weeks.  Nothing major.  My mom is coming to visit in a few weeks for a long weekend, so I have 18 days to get my house in order before her visit.  While she says she isn't coming to inspect the house, comments will be made.

Enjoy the first day of 2012!!!!


  1. Happy new year Mysti, My hubby hasn't had a raise in 6 years! I feel your pain.

  2. My husband used to get a raise every 6 months. That stopped when the auto industry tanked. He still gets 3 bonuses a year really, cannot complain. I on the other hand have been under a pay freeze for the past 2 years. The government of Ontario decided that its public employees could do without. I did get a pay equity increase in December of .18 cents an hour. The pay freeze ends in March so heres hoping!! Not holding my breath.

    Happy New Year to you!!

  3. Happy New Year Mysti! I love what you said...onward and upward. That is the only direction we can go now! I hope 2012 is kind to you and your family!

  4. Sorry about your husband. Hope 2012 is great for you and your family!

  5. @Kim - I haven't had a raise in 2 years. G-man hasn't had a real raise in 3 years (and that was only $1000 for the year). The COLA has always allowed us to offset the increase in rates of insurance.

    @Theresa - I would take 3 bonus checks a year! Hope your pay freeze melts!

    @Rachel - It takes too much energy to always look back. Need to look ahead!

    @Michelle - thanks!

  6. Ugh, sorry to hear about not getting a raise, that sucks. Like Rachel said, onward and upward! Happy 2012!

  7. Happy New Year, Mysti! I hope it will be a great one for all!