Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I may have spoke too soon

So the other day I told you about our new contract at work. Boss and I really hadn't talked much about what that will mean for me.  Yesterday, there was sort of a segue, so I took the opportunity to say "let me know when you are ready to talk." 

He sort of looked at me weird, with the "what would we have to talk about?" look.  That is never a good sign.

He just said that in the next 12 months, it will probably mean more evaluations (which I knew), and that he may take some of my work away and outsource it to leave me time to process other things.  In other words, he has no plans on increasing my hours.  Additionally, he is leaving me the photocopies and filing.  If that happens, I will be nothing more than an office grunt.

My feelings were terribly hurt.  I left it at "I can work more hours, so let me know when you are ready to talk."  But I don't foresee that happening.

Part of my job (that required alot of time and understanding) was taken away over a year ago because of a State decision.  The company that was hired as the outsource has done a lousy job, and our overall numbers went down. Not my problem...but it does show that I was doing a better job than the outsourced company.

He is basically telling me that while our company will be growing, I won't.  I have been there 4 years, and I know the paperwork better than anyone. I am reliable, timely, and do anything and everything.  I organize and clean out.  I follow behind everyone and fix all their errors (which my boss has instructed me to do).  And I am going to get reduced to a glorified copy girl.  This also means that he probably doesn't have any plans on giving me a raise....as a glorified copy girl wouldn't make any more than what I am now (and as he has already told me in the past....I am paid more than most companies pay for "my position" which doesn't have a title or anything official.  Actually when people come into the office, IF he introduces me, it is "and Mysti helps out.")

I love the people I work with.  I love the flexibility I have.  But I do so much more than what I am given credit for.  I hear him on the phone pointing out all the things that I brought to his attention, and taking them as his own.  I am not going to just sit back and be reduced to nothing.

So, I think it is time for me to step up my looking for a new position.  I know there will be alot of guilt on my part for leaving (and I won't leave until I have another job).  I will feel like I am leaving him in a lurch.  But then MAYBE he will realize all that I do.

I am just sad.  Sad that I helped him grow his company for 4 years, and that all of the accolades of our company are in part to my work....yet, all he sees me as is a grunt.  I have spoken to him in the past about this, and he brushes me off.

No more.  If he really is looking at the bottom line, let him hire some High School Grad to make photo copies.  He can pay them half of what he pays me.  Let him find out what it is to really have just a grunt.


  1. I am so sorry - I really hope he realizes what he has in you & uses you more --- (being in the good way I mean)

  2. I'm quite sorry to hear that, but I agree with you and would probably look for a different position now. I don't think you would be leaving him in the dark; he doesn't seem to recognize and appreciate what you do to begin with. You have to look out for yourself, as it doesn't seem he's even trying to do that for you as your boss. Best of luck with your searches, hope you find something else soon.

  3. I'm sorry this is happening to you at work, but being an optimist(!), I'd consider it an opportunity to find something else you would enjoy. Our daughter managed to find a part-time job where she could use her degree but was so miserable working with her sometimes-boss (SB), she considered looking for ANOTHER line of work!!! Her SB was talented but extremely self-centered, telling our daughter (AFTER the assignment) that she wouldn't be paying her because she was teaching her! Needless to say, that didn't go over well, and our daughter quit being so available.

    Fast forward to our daughter/son-in-law's trip back home after their Christmas visit with us. Her current boss (at a gallery) texted her that he'd been able to sell some items in her absence, implying in his TM that he was much more competent than she. His two items had been sold at HALF price, but that didn't matter. She was crushed even more when she returned, sold two items herself (full price) and was given no credit. This boss has been really good to her and has seemed appreciative of her work this past year, but he is the boyfriend of SB, whose moodiness seems to have made an impact on him.

    Anyway, just as she was planning to quit before she could be fired, she received an email from someone in her field who needed an assistant. This was someone she'd wanted to work with since meeting him (ironically, while working with SB); they met last week, and yesterday she worked with him for the first time. She had SO much fun, and he seems equally pleased with her talent and work ethic. Her last day at the gallery will be next month :)

    SO... YOU know you're a good employee, and when a desirable situation opens up, someone else will snatch you up if they know you're available!

    Good luck!


    PS - Our daughter's father-in-law has dubbed 2012 'Ninja Year,' which seems fitting for us all in many ways :)

  4. First of all, your boss sucks. Second, good for you for recognizing your contributions and that you deserve better! I've worked with way too many people (usually women) who minimize the things they do, however "small" on the totem pole, to keep their organization running. Obviously you're competent and it's not your fault that your boss doesn't recognize that.

    Moving on is hard, but I think you'll be happier in the long run if you find a job where you're appreciated for your efforts. And I would love to be a fly on the wall when you eventually put in your notice and your boss realizes how hard you'll be to replace!

  5. I'm sorry. Also, Tanner took the words right out of my mouth, it seems like you are very under appreciated, and you know that.

  6. Oh Mysti...I am so sorry. You really don't deserve that at all. I was wondering if you keep track of all of your accomplishments and the amount of work that you do. That way you could present it to your boss and show him. If he still feels the same way it may be time to look into other options. Does your boss have a boss? Maybe you could speak with a higher up and mention that you really want to move up in the company and the ways that you could improve something or something new that you could contribute?

    I can feel your pain a little bit. I graduated college with honors, and then went to obtain my paralegal certificate. I received an honors paralegal certificate which meant I had to get honors status in 7 out of 8 classes. I got eight out of eight. I also got inducted into the national honor society of paralegals which only the top ten percent of the honors students received. I also had an amazing internship with a high profile firm in Chicago where I worked on multimillion dollar cases. Now...I work as a glorified receptionist-sit at the receptionist desk-answer the phone-at a real estate firm for a sole practitioner. I feel kind of disappointed and underutilized. I hope none of this sounded like bragging in terms of my education...I was just trying to explain my situation and to let you know that I sympathize and understand where you are coming from.

    Don't lose hope. However, it may be smart to be proactive and start networking. Start with friends and family and put some feelers out there. Good luck and I hope that things get better for you at work.

  7. @JPKittie - I don't foresee anything changing.

    @Tanner - Hopefully I can find something else before things get crazy at the office. It will be so much harder to leave at that point.

    @Jenny - glad it worked out for your daughter! Send that Ninja mojo my way!

    @Andrea - My boss will freak when I leave. Big time.

    @Michelle - I have been underappreciated for a very long time. And I have known it. Time to do something about it.

    @SSG - I work for the owner of the company...so no higher up. We are a small company (about 20 people including contractors). I have a Master's Degree....and I am a glorified copy girl. I feel your pain.

  8. Sometimes it't just something giving you a poke to look somewhere else. I would quietly start sending out resumes. You never know what may happen when he realizes you are really going to leave

  9. I would have a sit down with him and tell him that you are looking for more hours, responsibility and pay, etc and that you had hoped this new contract would allow for that. Ask him if he foresees where he might be able to use your skills to further you along with his company. Let him give you feedback. Don't tell him you will leave or anything. Just thank him for his time and then you can, on your own, process what he told you and start making some decisions on which route to take, if that includes finding a new job. It's scary to make a change, but usually it ends up for the better :-)

  10. I like @One Family's advice to sit down with him one last time, even though it doesn't sound like it will do any good. But at least you will know that you spoke up & gave him the opportunity to utilize your skills and acknowledge all you have done for his company in the past 4 years. Unfortunately, it sounds like it's time to brush off the resume & start looking... Good luck.

  11. Remember, when one door closes, most of the times a much better door opens. Time to leave, start looking around.


  12. My guess is this is probably one of the biggest problems in workplaces and the one that is least known to those in charge-- but they're the ones who make that situation and even when brought to their attention they do nothing. I hate it. I can't work in a place I'm completely and totally unappreciated. I just can't. I don't blame you. Four years is a good amount of time to give a company a real chance. I think it's time to move on.

  13. Mysti, you need to look for another job. This man has created an allusion of himself with you helping him. He will not see it any other way. You are worth more and well trained. Do not feel that you must stay and take care of him. I did that for years and it left me with bitterness. You are worth more. But I do want you to really talk to him about your feeling, if he doesn't see your potential, just quietly look for a different job. Some times we need to be pushed out of the nest.

  14. I know it sucks because you feel loyalty to your company, but you have to remember, the roles will never be reversed in this situation. If he had to let you go for his bottom dollar, he would. SO you need to watch out for YOUR best interests, and honestly, it really sounds like it was time to move on a long time ago. It will take a while to find a job--thsi coming from me, who's had 5 jobs in 5 years...and it's a good 3-6 months each and every time. BUT you can do it!

  15. It seems pretty obvious that you are working well below your potential. Here is your sign; and opportunity. Speaking from experience, I know what it's like to get "comfortable" in a job. I was in a similar situation as you 3 years ago. It took the company actually closing to give me the kick in the pants to discover I'm worth so much more. It's scary to do something new, but take that leap of faith.

  16. You are way too valuable to let your skill set go to waste. Everyone that has commented is correct. Do not feel guilty. Walk away with your head high. You will be okay.

  17. Thank you all. This conversation has been an on-going one for years....there is nothing left for me to say. I will just have to continue to look for something else.

  18. Oh, I'm so sorry Misty. I found your blog a couple of weeks ago, and you are such an inspiration to me! But your boss truly sucks. And we can so relate! My hubby was promised a raise but right before Christmas his bosses found out that they messed up with billing, so they cut off all promotions, raises and even Xmas bonuses right away(we got a box of candy for Christmas!),and for the unknown period of time. But they still went for their vacations, and their kids got way better gifts than ours can ever dream of. He just finished school last semester, and now he's actively looking for a job.
    Loyalty is loyalty but you do have to pay the bills. You deserve so much more, and I bet you can find a better place quicker than you think!

  19. Ugh! :( Sometimes people suck... I think there is something better waiting for you, Mysti!! Onwards & upwards!!

  20. sounds like they just take you for granted, I think looking for a new job is a great idea but no guilt about leaving! All you owe and employer is a fair days work for a fair days pay - nothing more. And he's certainly had that for 4 years.
    good luck with the job hunt!