Monday, January 30, 2012

Decluttering Challenge Outline

As you know (and alot of you are already participating in), Carla is hosting a Decluttering Challenge for February.  I will be honest....even though I need to do this, February is a rough month for me to take this on.  I have Bookfair, Winter Break for the kids, emotional stuff....but then I realized they are just excuses.  Time to put my big girl panties on (and yes, they are still big...weight loss is a struggle!), and JUST DO IT!

Since I agreed to do my updates on Mondays....I thought I would just share with you the outline for the coming month: 

Week One: Personal Space Challenge
    This will run January 31-Feb 6.  I decided that this is going to be our master bedroom, aka "the place everything lands that doesn't already have a home."  I have several boxes of stuff in there that just need to be purged.  And it needs a good cleaning!!!  My personal challenge in this one is to NOT buy new stuff for the bedroom (like replacing the HORRIBLE rug).

        Week Two: Family Space Challenge
          This will run Feb 7 - Feb 13.  *sigh*  This week is bookfair, so I am going to be running like a mad woman.  But  again....JUST DO IT.  This is going to be cleaning out the food pantry (which is really just a few cabinets in our kitchen, as we don't have a real pantry), and getting rid of the "crap catcher" in the kitchen.

              Week Three: Productivity Challenge
                This will run Feb 14 - Feb 20.  Now, just as an added "bonus" in here...there is a chance that the kids and G-man will be going to visit his mom for the weekend...leaving me ALONE for 4 days!!!  If that happens, I might be able to get to number 3!!!  If not, then #1 is the main challenge.
                  1)  Home office make over. This was on my personal goals 2012, so it is serving double duty.  Love that!  Once the home office is more organized, productivity will naturally go up, right?  And the idea that I might be alone to do this and really clean it out....OOOOHHHHH.....I may need to excuse it hot in here??

                  2)  Bulk cooking of pancakes, green chili, rice, and something else that is TBD.  I am going to try and think of recipes that use some of the same ingredients (chop once, use twice!), just to make it easier.  I am also planning on having the crock pot and the stock pot going.

                  3) (BONUS, baby!!!) Work on clearing out the attic for a minimum of 3 hours.  It got messy again!!!

                  Week Four: The “Dreaded” Challenge
                    This will run Feb 21 - 29.  Since it is dreaded....I gave it 2 extra days.  :)  Plus, if the kids and G-man are still gone, I have a leg up on this one.  My rules!!!  I haven't officially decided on this one.  It is either going to be the coat closet (our house is over 100 years old, so closets aren't plentiful in our house), or the shelves in the basement.  Still mulling this over.  Hey, do I get double points if I do BOTH???

                      Looking forward to the mini challenges as well, and of course, seeing everyone else's before and after pictures.  I will admit....I am not looking forward to sharing some of the "before" ones, but it is all for a good cause.  Life is messy!!!


                      1. I hear you about some months being emotional...for me it's March! And I think you should totally get double points if you take on 2 dreaded challenges, LOL.

                        Catching up on my blog reading, now that I have a decent computer!

                      2. August is my REALLY emotional month, but February has a few pitfalls too.

                        And thank you for offering double points if I do both dreaded challenges!!