Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Decor a la Mysti - part 2

Yesterday you saw alot of our decor....today you get to see the "real" trees.

First, Bossy's tree.

He decided this year that he doesn't want the lights on.  In years past, he has.  He said they made his room too light.  OK.  He decorated the tree himself (with some supervision by Daddy).  He actually still had a ton of ornaments left, but he was happy with this; if he is happy....we are happy.

Sassy's tree....named Lilac.  Last year it was Lily.  She must have a thing for "L" names.

She also didn't use all her ornaments.  And she used the Disney Princess ones for some reason.  Whatever.  She likes her tree on all night.  Her creation was entirely hers....she didn't let us in her room until she was done!

And our main tree....and the only one that was a live tree....which has now fulfilled it's Christmas Destiny. 

The kids named it Ronald.  They went through the tree lot and looked at all the tags on the trees...looking for one that said "Ronald."  Silly.  Sassy is the one who actually found this one.  Both kids helped carry it to the front and got a little lesson on counting the rings.  Bossy was very upset that they cut a little off the bottom.  He did not like the fact that they were cutting our tree!

We have alot of handblown ornaments that we have collected.  I just love them.  We started collecting them the first year we were married.

Bought at a craft fair in 1998

These are the ornaments for our daughters.  The twin girls have Waterford Crystal ones that match their boxes.  And our baby that we miscarried....hers is a purple swirl....she swished in and out of our lives so quickly.
2007 Waterford Crystal Ornament...we have 2
This one was named Sugar Plum

And for HS, if you are reading this.....you asked if my hair really is pink.....actually, it is pink and purple now.  But, here is a picture Sassy drew of me for the tree.  Notice the pink streak???

Tomorrow I will show you the outside of the house....and Thursday is our Yule Celebration!


  1. Very very nice.

    I noticed when putting up my tree that I have so many good memories connected to individual ornaments--no wonder it takes me hours to put them on.

  2. I still have Franka's stocking. We hang it every year. She is with us at Christmas. I am so glad you commemorate the births and don't think I am morbid. By the way they are yours forever!

  3. @Michelle - thanks!

    @Rhitter - thanks!

    @Grace - I love thinking about the memories too. I know we got all of our ornaments and why we got them.

    @Kim - Anyone who has lost a child knows that they will ALWAYS be your baby. And every life deserves to be honored. Thinking of you and yours.

  4. Love it!! How fun that you let your kidlets decorate their own little trees! And your pink hair?? You ROCK!