Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Change of plans...

Today should have been a post that concluded the decor of the house....that has gotten bumped to Friday.  Why?  Change of plans!  Specifically, I couldn't write the post last night, let alone take the pics.  Why? Change of plans!

So what changed?  The boxes arrived.

The boxes from our parents.

The ones where I had already talked to them about what I/kids were getting for G-man yet I apparently talk (or type) just to hear myself talk (or type).  As we opened the boxes, or more specifically the ones from MIL.....and noticed that she bought a number of things for G-man.....that I already bought.  The stuff that I already told her I bought.  See where this is going????

After I got over the initial anger, I had 3 choices:  1)  Let it be, and return duplicates later and get other stuff, 2) Let the emotion overtake me and go over the top and get him something BIG, or 3)  Get other stuff.

I went with 3.  So out to the Mall I went after work (after spending 30 min on line at the Post Office for work).  Did I mention I was wearing 3 inch heels?  With pointy toes????

We have a number of items that need to get returned...the mouse (mice?) for the kids, the duplicate G-man gifts, and 1 thing that I ordered for his stocking, which turned out to be the wrong one.  Alot of it needs to be returned via Amazon, so tonight I will package all of that up, and have to go BACK to the Post Office. 

I have lost track of the money at this point.  I have to sit down and sort it all out....between returns and purchases, ugh.

I was able to get him 2 gifts, and something for his stocking.  I even got something for myself using a gift card that I had in my wallet (and for the was at Victoria's Secret....not a gift card I could have used to buy a gift for G-man.  Well, I guess technically you could call it a gift for him as well.....hee hee).

We still need to fix the whole Santa thing for the kids.  As in the little thing they get under their personal trees.    We decided that Santa will leave them a CD under their tree (we already had one for Bossy), but need to get one for Sassy.  Then we need to get something else for Bossy, as the CD was supposed to be from us, and not Santa.  The CDs will replace the Mouse that was supposed to be under their tree. 

I tried yesterday, but my feet HURT.  Trying really hard to roll with it!!! 

So tomorrow you will see our Yule Celebration, and then Friday will conclude our Decor with Mysti series.

And on a rambling side note.....To the People at the Post Office who just wanted them somewhere else....the grocery store not clog up the Post Office line for stuff like this!!!!!!


  1. you are too cute! good job just rolling with the punches! :) way to go

    I am with you on sort of loosing track - I am ready for the Christmas spending to be over - I love the holiday & the time shared & such, but just the spending is crazy!

    hugs :)

  2. My ex sil was like that so eventually I started making up stuff that I bought and without fail that is what she would send like two days before Christmas.

    Post office in heels equals no fun.

  3. That stinks! I'm sorry, why would she do that?

  4. @JPKittie - I am rotten at rolling with the punches....I am working hard at this!

    @Judy - the post office really killed my feet, which set me up for the rest of my shopping adventures.

    @Michelle - because my MIL just likes to torture me. She thinks I am the Devil Incarnate.

  5. if that is who she thinks you are, then maybe you should be the best devil incarnate there is to be! :) JK.
    I would go with Judy's idea. Make up things you want him to get, and tell her that's what you got for him. Then buy the good gifts for him yourself. :)


  6. Hello there!

    I have been reading your blog for some time and have never commented. I really feel for you a lot and understand how difficult things are for you.

    I do think this comment could be a cultural thing, because I am from the other side of the world and I don't think Christmas is as huge as it is in the States.

    I was just wondering, what would happen if you spent less on those around you for Christmas? Would your kids and husband be hugely disappointed? Or if you made a few handmade gifts and bought one bigger one? What would it actually make you feel?

    My husband and I often go to dinner or buy a joint gift and my family and I don't exchange gifts. I sort of feel that it allows one to focus on the meaning of Christmas, which is for me, being thankful and connecting with others (I'm not religious). I sometimes feel disappointed, but then I can hardly ever remember the gifts given to me in the past anyway, and for me, I would rather not experience the stress. I don't have kids, so my question about them was a genuine one.

    It just seems like so much pressure this time of year, why add to it unnecessarily?

  7. I should note, after reading the comment I made, I realise it could be difficult for you to find the time to make the presents!

  8. @Jadell - I think next year I will make sure G-man does separate lists.

    @Book Lover - At this age, yes...the kids would be disappointed. Maybe if we started the tradition when they were younger, they would have grown up with it. But now...not so much. We really do not go overboard for them. Putting aside the Santa gift issue, we spent a little over $100 per child, which included their Santa gift and stockings.

    As for making something for them...I love to craft, but there is very little that a 9/10 year old would like that I can make!