Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OK...seriously....I am going to lose it....

I am at work today....so at least I am warm.  And I have electricity here!

This is how pathetic it is....we took one of the pork roasts that we bought just 5 hrs before we lost power (which has been packed in snow in a cooler outside on my deck)....put it in the crock pot...and I am cooking it here at work.  I am making my dinner....at work.

The house is currently reading 47 degrees.  We were able to take a warm shower at G-man's office last night.  But they are saying it could take a week or more to get the power up and going.  There are down lines everywhere.  Huge trees lost limbs.  The transformers have been blown all over the place.  Here are a few pics of the carnage:

One of the trees in our yard

Happy Halloween!

That WAS a 12 foot tree in our front yard

The kids are out of school....probably for the week.

This year has to end...NOW.  I am at my wits end.

A few quick updates on things otherwise:

1)  My car....we are looking into fixing it.  *sigh*  Partly because we can at least get some money for it at trade in.  Partly because I need a car, and finding a new car is proving harder than we thought.  The loan has been finalized (there was a period in there we weren't sure....that is another story).  But we need to find a car...and I refuse to just buy one because we are backed into a corner.

2)  The move....no new news.  I am hoping that they make a decision about something soon.  So far, they haven't called him for an interview.  So either they aren't interested, or are dragging things out.  I would just like to know one way or another.

3)  G-man's birthday....is Saturday.  His mom WAS going to come to visit, but that has been cancelled now.

I will leave you with a cute picture that G-man sent me this morning...these are our 2 boy cats.  We have one more that isn't in the pic.


  1. Wow I can't believe all the snow that you got! I hope your power turns on soon.

  2. Oh, that sounds just awful. That temperature is definitely too cold. I'm glad you can cook at work and get that stuff sorted out, even though they arent by the best means. Hang in there, the power should come back soon! Stay VERY warm.

  3. oh no! I sure hope you guys are okay & get power soon - thinking of you

  4. Sorry girl! reminds me of the hurricane days down here.. it will pass..

    I wonder why our wonderful government didn't spend some of that last stimulus money putting the power lines undeground!


  5. Hang in there girl, I am glad you are fixing your car so you can at least sell it. We sold two on Craigslist and then turned around and used that money to down payment the newer cars. Pork roast, yum!

  6. well the cats have the right idea, staying in bed! smart thinking to take dinner to work and cook it, hope the electricity is fixed soon, must be VERY frustrating!

  7. I'm so sorry. That sounds terrible! You are genius to bring your dinner to work - very creative idea. :-) I have my fingers crossed that you get power back on ASAP.

  8. Well I am glad that you have a place to cook dinner and that you were able to shower. We got hit here to but thank God did not loose power.

    Hope all works out with the car.


  9. You gotta do what you gotta do. Thinking of you.. ((HUGS))