Sunday, November 20, 2011

GBU - November 20, 2011

Trying to get back on the wagon!!!!

The Good: 
  • My new car, Zippy, is home.
  • Still looking good on Christmas spending.
  • Realizing that we won't be able to do everything we want right now and learning to be ok with it

The Bad:
  • The wrath of the 3-paycheck month last month hit...where we had to use most of paycheck 1 in this month to cover bills that normally come from a different paycheck.  The timing just is off.  I have yet to figure out how to avoid this one (other than trying to be 2 weeks ahead consistently)
  • Sassy is sick....which is yucky in itself.  But having to stock up on OTC meds....ugh.
  • Some how the attic got trashed again....due to G-man just throwing stuff up there!
The Ugly:
  • Having to adjust the budget to allow for the car....right before the holidays.
  • G-man's 2nd job paycheck has been small the past few weeks, and it is catching up with us.

Nothing Earth Shattering this week!!!  Sorry folks.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?????


  1. I get 3 checks in December and the BF gets 5 checks in December and we have been waiting for this month for awhile. Hopefully we don't just spend all of it.

  2. G: bought a new vacuum cleaner, balanced my budget, still have $ left til end of the month!
    B: spent $$ on vacuum cleaner! an unplanned for expense
    U: nothing that I can think of
    Very boring aren't I?

  3. We have the three check months as well and what I finally decided to do is budget for food, gas for the cars and anything else that racks up for the two 2 weeks. Then I write down what we need to use the money for, even if we want to put it in a "mad money" category. The weeks ahead sort of reset themselves and we are still good - i.e. able to pay bills on time when the next check rolls around.

    No major drama means a good week - you needed that!

  4. Good: I am feeling better!
    Bad: mother-in-law comes tomorrow, house not perfect.
    Ugly: I am very behind in all aspects of my life.

  5. Good: I got a good chunk of the Christmas shopping done this week. AND I won 25 Shutterfly Christmas cards...which I ordered last night:)
    Bad: No money left in the food budget this week and I have to buy rolls for the family Thanksgiving dinner.
    Ugly: Natural gas bill and the house payment went through the checking account the same day...and sent me into the overdraft a little bit. I dream of having enough money in the account to cushion this from ever happening again...

  6. Good: Christmas shopping is done, tree is up, (I know I'm early but, I'm a teacher and I need my weekend after Thanksgiving to rest) and presents are wrapped and under the tree.:)
    Bad: Spent a $100 over the food budget this week to pay for Thanksgiving!
    Ugly: Checked my daughter's student loan account to pay interest. Yikes!