Monday, October 3, 2011

Mission: Party....overall success.

I was on Pinterest the other day, and there was a quote "Most of the things I worry about never happen."  SOOOO True!

Bossy's party ended up with 4 friends from his class attending.  It was supposed to be 3, but due to the weather, the soccer game that Boy #4 was supposed to attend was cancelled and they were able to make it.  The party started a little late...mostly because a few of the families went to the wrong place!  But once we got going, a good time was had by all.  The boys were so well behaved (especially for 9 year olds!!).  They all cheered for each other and no one paid any attention to the score.  We were very pleased at how the whole things went off.

Final cost:  $164.14 (Bowling, trophies, cake)

Sassy enjoyed her day as well.  G-man had to laugh when he picked up Girl #2, and her mom was talking about how rude it is to not RSVP (despite the fact that she only RSVPed after we had to have the teacher call, and even that was days later, and 48 hrs before the event!).  Lunch was nice, and per G-man, the girls all laughed and giggled, and were....well....9 year old girls!  Sassy liked the movie, and said her friend liked it too.  As long as she was happy with the end result...I am good with it.

Final cost:  $163.79 (lunch, movies and snacks, goody bags)

Technically, there was also a $50 deposit we made for the spa.  We can use that toward another appointment, so it isn't "lost."  But it has already been spent.... And $10 for invitation supplies.  Which brings our grand total for EVERYTHING for both parties to:


We had saved $675 for the parties and for their gifts (another $50 for both gifts), and the remainder of the money ($237) will go towards camp or other kid events.  I am glad that it is over!  Glad that it went well....but glad it is over!!


  1. I am glad it all worked out. These things usually do, but that doesn't mean we (mothers) don't have a tendency to worry. I think you spent a very reasonable amount of money too.

  2. I too worry myself to death over things that usually don't happen. My grandmother always told me to not borrow trouble it would find me soon enough. See it all worked out, so glad the kids had fun.

  3. I think you did a great job!!!!!!! And you even came in under budget. Now I say you take that deposit for the spa and take YOURSELF for a spa day


  4. Sounds like they had awesome & memorable parties!!! Great job coming in under budget too! Hope you're feeling better now!! :)

  5. Sounds fun and not nearly as much as originally projected. For some reason the smallest parties turn out to be the most fun - at least, that's what I've found! HB to the twins. (very cute, btw)