Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting Nowhere Fast

I can complain about our debt if I want to.  The fact still remains that complaining doesn't change it.

Our mini-spending spree on Monday didn't help.  I have no one to blame but myself on that one. 

Here's the root of the matter....our stuff if worn out, broken, stained, old, and getting worse and worse.  The majority of our stuff is from when we got married in 1998 (or before).  And it looks it.  Then I feel bad that it looks so bad.  So I want to "beautify" around it.  So I do.  It isn't much individually....just when you see it added takes on another life.

I would be better off NOT doing it...and taking the money I would have spent, and put it in a pile for new BIG purchases.  But that isn't what I do.

Heck....we ALMOST bought a new TV on Monday...which would have also required a new TV stand.  We didn't....but it was close.

I am frustrated at myself.  I am frustrated at our budget.  Our budget doesn't allow for much extra...and recently, when we have had extra (in the form of overtime) it seems to have gone to the pool, the this went to US. 

I am overwhelmed at home at the moment.  Work is a mess, and the bad juju around here is taking its toll on me.  It is raining.  School stuff is a mess.  I am upset that I have now gained back all the weight that I lost, and virtually have to start over.

I don't know the key to balance.  It is feast or famine.  I either have it all under control, or none of it.

I am sick of all the mess.  The is really weighing on me.  I figured out what we would need to pay on a monthly basis to be out of debt by my 40th birthday.  And that will require finding a CONSISTANT $600 more a month.  And that is assuming that we NEVER go over budget, nothing changes, and oh yeah....nothing breaks. 

Can I have a do-over???


  1. Yes you may! You have had a tough summer of bills, but look at the picture you posted yesterday, that has nothing to do with money. That has to do with love and you have an abundance of that, you can't buy love, I know people who try, but it can't be done. You will get through this so maybe it won't be until you are 41 who cares? You are in the dumps, so am I. Let's hang on together.

  2. You are making progress, Mysti. Sometimes it's one foot forward and two feet back, but you can do it! Keep plugging at the debt and pretty soon it will be gone. It's great to have a goal and a timeframe, but make it realistic. Add in the possibility that something will break. And, by the way, I didn't become consumer debt free until I was 47. So there. :)!

  3. I could be your sister... right now, just to catch up on current bills (electric, phone, a payback to a loan from a friend) I need about $1200... And what do I do... yesterday I got an extra $10 and instead of putting it where it needed, I went and got ice cream. Or, I'll make some substantial money ($150 commission) and I'll think, well, we deserve some fun, so I buy some special groceries or something. I think I need to accept the fact (and you do also) that an occasional reward is what keeps us moving forward. Hang in there! With all you have on your plate, sometimes it needs to be about you!

  4. I feel your pain. I too am getting discouraged and desperately needing to have something positive or some motivation. It must be in the air.

  5. You get to do it over as many times as you want every month. Make small changes, they add up. Don't get discouraged. This is a marathon not a sprint. Good luck.

  6. Holidays are hard!! I always want to spend money those days...and it is never in the budget. Add back to school time...which is always expensive...and a hurricane. It is no wonder you are feeling a little overwhelmed. I understand the do-over part...and if your are like me you don't want a do-over just for the past month...

  7. Yes, you can have a do-over. Do you think you could pay all of your bills going forward if you had just student loan and mortgage debt? If so, file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and wipe out all of your credit card debt and medical bills in one fell swoop. There's no shame in filing -- you have had a rough ride these past few years, and your circumstances are exactly what the safety net of bankruptcy is intended to help. I just worry you will spend your whole life trying to pay off that debt without ever moving forward and building assets for the future.