Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Move it to the left....move it to the right....

Once again, in an attempt to pay as little interest as possible, we are moving things around.  I really wish we could just come up with ONE plan, and stick to it.  But that just doesn't seem to be in the cards for us.  Whatever.

CC3 had a 1.99% balance transfer through January 2013, with 1% fee.  Per their policy, we couldn't go over 80% of the limit in a 90 day period, so with the fees and all....we transferred 79%.  :)  It was the majority of CC1 and part of CC2.  I am watching CC4 to see if they offer a balance transfer.  I am doubtful on this one.  But I am watching.

We are also planning on trying another Lending Club loan.  We did this almost exactly one year ago, and it worked beautifully for us.  We have paid WAY less interest, and have paid off 1/3 of the loan at this point.   This would replace CC2. 

I realize that the fees eat into some of the benefits.  But the minimum payments collectively are almost the same, just more going to principle.  This will at least buy us a little time to figure things out further.

If I am able to get this job (please!!!!), it will drastically change the numbers.  I am estimating that we have the potential to be debt free (minus the house), in about 2 years.  I would LOVE to be debt free by 38.....two years before my goal.  But one thing at a time.

G-man has some overtime this month....about 14 hrs so far.  There is the potential for more in the next 4 weeks.  I am thinking of holding on to the money for the mean time and top off a few accounts, like the EF.  I need to see how the numbers play out.

I will update all the numbers soon.  Just waiting for them all to settle a bit.


  1. I am so afraid of CC offers. I was burned by one several years ago. But I may get brave like you after all can I get worse than 13.99? We have good credit so I may just do that nest month.

  2. Are you still looking for Resume help? I just completly changed mine around and I am very happy with it. Erica at newlyweds on a budget actually sent me hers and i got a lot of great tips and ideas from it. Send me a comment if you would like some help!

  3. @Kim - as long as you know how long the term is for, it should be fine. Have you looked at Lending Club?

    @Coupleasaving - I am all set on the Resume, but thanks for the offer!

  4. I am wishing you the best with this job opportunity.

    If it makes sense then it is a good idea to change things around. Paying less interest is a good thing. You sound like you know what to look out for.

  5. I too am afraid of CC offers and balance transfers. I'll be looking forward to hearing how this turns out!