Saturday, August 27, 2011


Here is the running update of the storm.......I will update this over the course of the day.  Once the updates stop....assume our power is gone!

8:56pm - last check in for the evening...all it is doing is raining.  Over night the wind will come.  Hopefully we will have power in the morning.

6:48pm - now it is POURING!!!

5:50pm - all is quiet....still humid and drizzle-y.  They are expecting the big stuff during the day tomorrow, and the center of the storm to be over us mid afternoon tomorrow.

3:40pm - it has rained off and on.  Small breeze now, but nothing huge.

2:10pm - It rained for about 15 minutes....guess it was just testing things out.

12:40pm - and the pouring rain has begun!!!!

11:14am - Clouds have gotten thicker.  It keeps sprinkling off and on.

9:15am - Got the batteries.  Laundry going, so at least all our clothes will be clean!  It is kind of calm out there right now....sun tried to peek through.  It is humid though!

7:50am - nothing doing yet.  Cloudy.  We have to go to the post office after 9am to pick up the batteries that my parents shipped us!!!


  1. Hope it stays calm!!!! Fingers crossed that it won't be as bad as they think!

  2. We're even hearing plenty about it on the news here in Australia...good luck, batten down!