Thursday, June 30, 2011

MAJOR bullet dodging

G-man's car is finally fixed and ready to be picked up. 

How this tallied up:

Garage #1 - $55 (for 30 min of labor to tell us they can't fix it)
Towing - $18
Dealership - $151 (winning!!)
Rental Car - $55 (-ish....won't know the exact number until the car is returned this afternoon)

Total - $279

We had just under this amount in our car maintenance fund, so we basically were able to take care of this repair without too much financial damage.  Of course, my car is next, and now that we have depleted the car maintenance fund......we will have to dip into EF.

But I am VERY happy with all of this.  Of course, if we had known that the dealership was the only one that could have fixed this, we would have brought it straight there...and saved the extra fees.  But I am still chalking this one up in the WIN category since we didn't end up shelling out thousands of bucks!

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  1. That is great news. I guess uncrossing my fingers for you actually worked, sorry for jinxing you for so long.