Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lest we REALLY think we are done...

G-man picked up his car at 1:30pm.  It died again at 2:30.

Seriously.  He had the car 1 hour!!!  Same exact problem.  He was stopped, and it just went ka-put.  He called the dealership and they sent a tow truck (no charge to us).  Of course, it was almost 4pm when the car was picked up, and the shop closes at 5, so I doubt they will look at the car today.

Which brings us to tomorrow.  A Friday.  Before a holiday weekend.  Anyone think we will get our car back before Tuesday?  Let's see a show of hands.......

*looking out at the sea of people with their hands in their pockets*

Yeah, that is what I thought.

I am telling ya this....we are NOT paying for the repair that was just done, or not done properly.  We are NOT going to let them jerk us around about a loaner car (they are a car dealership...I think they can find a car).  And we are NOT happy.

Why can't this just be easy???  And a special note to Niki at Debt Free By Thirty....maybe your fingers crossed were the only thing holding G-man's car together!!!!


  1. What the? I do believe it is time to get bitchified with the dealership. I am sure you feel the same way and I am sure you won't be leaving there without a loaner car.

    I really don't know what to do with my fingers now. (get your mind out of the gutter)

  2. O-M-G! I would be SOOOOO incredibly angry! And no, I'm betting that your car will not be done by COB tomorrow. Hoping that you walk out of there with a loaner.

  3. @Niki - but the gutter is fun!!

    @Sass - We are past anger at this point...and on a slippery slope towards doing something to make ourselves feel better...

  4. I would be steaming, I am so sorry!

  5. I hope you demanded a loaner! If they don't have one let them pay for the rental. Good luck.

  6. I agree your car probably won't be ready until after the holiday weekend. Two suggestions: DON'T make any rash decisions or "do something to make yourselves feel better..." Instead, spend some time on the internet figuring out whether it really makes sense to replace this car at this point. How old is the car? What would it be worth as a trade in? What could you afford that would be newer and more reliable? Cars are great when they are working well and a total nuisance when they are not. But, basically they are machines like any other and you need to make the most rational decision you can about when to keep and repair and when to discard and purchase. Best of luck to you and your family as you sort all this out!

  7. @Kim - thanks

    @Krants - the shop opens in 34 min....I think we have some talking to do...

    @Anon - We have already done the car HW. We already set a limit on what we are willing to spend on the repair, and know what we will get for a trade in. We aren't looking to buy another car unless we absolutely have to. As for the making our selves feel better....don't worry....we are all talk. I am too stressed about our debt to incur more in the name of momentary happiness.

  8. Oh, no! Will keep all fingers and toes crossed for you. Car problems throw life into chaos, as well as finances!

  9. oh my goodness! what a pain in the butt - really pulling for you on this one!

  10. Misti, GO back to original place with this bill and insist that they either reimburse you for shoddy work or redo said work threaten to get a lawyer. When you are in debt and scared you have a tendency to think you don't deserve good service. A rich person wold not tolerate shoddy work why should you. Get on your big girl panties and get them to fix the car. I know you are sick of this but it will go on. Also if the car repair was put on a CC call the CC company and have them reverse the charge. They can do that. You have proof of shoddy incorrect workmanship. Get the CC company on your side. I have done this before. This is why I always use a CC when I buy electronics.