Thursday, May 5, 2011

Post-Birthday Update

Thank you all for such warm birthday wishes!!  I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and say hi.  As a whole, my birthday wasn't too bad.  Other than the pouring rain....all day.   Seriously, I have no idea how the Universe knows to rain on May 4 every year....they must have a perpetual calendar or something.

Let's just get the negative stuff out of the way, so I can end on a high note.  Rain.....covered that.  Work was a little stressful due to my boss being scattered yesterday.  G-man didn't do the dishes from I will have to do them.  But the "best" of the PARENTS called the house before I got home, and since I wasn't there, they told G-man to just tell me Happy Birthday.  My freakin' parents couldn't call my cell or even call my house later to actually wish THEIR DAUGHTER a Happy Birthday.  Nope....just a second hand message.

On to the positive.....I know you are all dying to know what I did for myself.  Because I just hold that much importance in your life.  :)  I did get my brows waxed ($11 with tip).  I bought myself a very cool book and book mark (used up a few small gift cards, leaving $21 balance).  AND....I bought some hair bling.  I got a few sparkly hair barrettes and clips....every girl needs some bling ($48....a little steep, but it was my birthday)!!!

G-man made dinner (grilled chicken and steak tips, grilled veggie kebabs, and brown choice).  Bossy got me a new coffee thermos for the car.  Sassy got me an apron ("because it matches the oven mitt I got you for Mother's Day last year."   She is so smart!).  G-man got me some candles.

I was fortunate to have friends call, send e-cards, and even a few surprise gifts!!  (A cool hot pink purse, some Pampered Chef stuff, and a gift card to an accessory place). 

As a really was a good birthday.  I even got flirted with by the counter guy at the coffee place in the morning.  I have impossibly high standards, so there are a few things that I wish G-man had said or done....but that is all a work in progress.

But as a whole.......I will put this Birthday in the WIN column.