Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday present to myself

Today is my birthday.  I am 36.   When my mom turned 36, she told my dad that he could trade her in for two 18 year olds.  He declined.  In light of recent events, I am not going to offer G-man the same deal.

My birthdays have the tendency to be subpar.  For always rains.  I have no idea how this happens...but seriously, it always rains.  (ETA:  It is 10:11, and the rain is pouring down!!!) Yeah...there have been some sunny ones here and there (my 24th was great!), but in general, it is cool and rainy.  I get alot of "I didn't have time to _______" so I will get back to you.  Typically this means no cards, no gifts....or gifts that are handed to me in a Walmart bag.

My MIL left for vacation a few days ago......she forgot about my birthday.  I talked to my mom on Monday....she has been so busy (I have no idea doing what considering she doesn't work, she doesn't clean, she doesn't volunteer, and she doesn't have friends), so "your birthday card and Mother's Day card will be late."  Thanks Mom.

The kids did say happy birthday this morning.  And G-man is cooking me dinner later.

But I am kind of feeling like I want to buy myself something...a token gift that says "hey was a good thing you were born."  Maybe I will stop on my way home and stroll few a shop or two.  Not that we really have the money for this....but once in a while I need to put myself first...and my birthday is a perfect occasion.

Any thoughts on what I should get????

ETA:  When I say I want to buy doesn't necessarily have to be a big something that will take me 6 months to pay off.  Right now, I am leaning towards stopping and getting my brows waxed on my way home, and maybe some fun socks.


  1. Happy Birthday Mysti, I'm glad you were born.

    What about a bubble bath, a candle and a book/magazine?

  2. Happy Birthday, Mysti! Yes, do something for yourself! It makes me sad that no one is making a big deal (or even a small deal :) about your special day. What would make you happy? An event (i.e. a movie or an extravagant coffee or premium ice cream?) or something you could buy and bring home? How about going to a thrift store and spend time looking for some great deal that you don't need, but that you would really like to have. Or if you like to read, go to the bookstore and buy something really great. Just do something that will make you happy and have a terrific day!!


  3. Happy Birthday to you!!!

    get something totally frivalous you deserve it xx

  4. Happy birthday. :-)

    I'd say rather than buy yourself something (because what says happy birthday like something you can't afford that you'll be paying down for years?), head straight home and tell G-man in no uncertain terms that tonight he is in charge of all household problems. Lock yourself away and pamper yourself however you would enjoy most. Nap, bubble bath, mani pedi, read a book or magazine just for fun, long walk (if the weather decides to play nice). Just make it clear to him that this night is all about you. The only interruptions allowed are for occasional cuddles and 'I love yous', and of course your dinner, either served on a tray in bed or at a nicely set table (candles, nice dishes, and all) with well groomed, happy children that have been specifically told not to bring up problems or stress you out.

    Have a wonderful birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday and I agree with Jenny!!!

  6. Happy, happy birthday!!!! I think only we women know what we truly want for our birthdays. I learned a long time ago not to rely on others to celebrate me, so I've developed a routine for my birthday. Maybe you could do the same...stop for a delicious coffee, go to a book store and linger, enjoy a pedicure and/or a manicure...only you know what you would like to do.

    Enjoy YOUR day. (And, a piece of decadent chocolate cake doesn't sound too bad either!)

  7. Happy Birthday! you only live once so go ahead, buy something you want!!


  8. Happy Birthday!! I also agree with Jenny. Make this day all about you and let G-Man handle the kids and any stress today!! Enjoy your day no matter what you do.

  9. Happiest of Happy Birthdays!

    I love fun socks! :) Only you know what will make you happy today. Just make sure whatever it is doesn't leave you feeling guilty.

    We celebrate you today! :)

  10. Ah, Mysti--I SO hear ya! I no longer expect my kids to make my birthday. Instead, I take the day off, use the free Regal Movies coupon (good only on one's birthday)from my Entertainment book to see some mind-candy movie (this year, it was "The Lincoln Lawyer," use the free popcorn coupon from the same source, then go to the zoo (I have an annual pass so I can take the kids and grandkids) where it turns out wandering around WITHOUT kids is really very cool.

    Then I stop in at Coldstone Creamery where, yes, I DO pay $5 for a cone with all my favorite mix-ins because it's my birthday, dang it!

    I hope you had some fun on yours, even if you had to plan it for yourself.

  11. My kids always ask what I want for my Birthday or Mothers' Day and I always say A meal I do not have to cook or clean up after wards. Have a great Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday! I am like you in which I got shafted on my birthday as well. So go ahead and do something for you!

    I'm just like you. I have had birthday parties for my parents, sisters and husband and I get a happy birthday text in return. I have since decided to take the day off and just spend it doing whatever I love to do! It normally includes getting a piece of passion fruit cake from a local bakery. Last year I was even gone for 2 weeks surrounding my birthday riding my horse. I have decided my birthday is all about me doing what I LOVE!! This year I might snag my best friend and go to the amusement park and eat cotton candy until I puke! :) Enjoy your day whatever you do!!

  14. Happy birthday Mysti! Sometimes we have to be proactive to get what we want. Why not decide to celebrate your birthday during a "sunny" month? Pick any day you like, throw yourself a celebration, invite all your friends and family, have cake, get balloons, play fun kid party games with kids and adults together. Your friends will love it and love you for being so much fun.

  15. Ha ha! My birthday is 3 days before Christmas. When I was young, it was bad because it was either forgotten, or I got "combination" gifts. Now that I am old, it's great because it is forgotten, and no one really knows how old I am!

  16. Happy Birthday Mystikins! I hope you did take some time to do something nice for yourself today. XOXO.

  17. Happy Birthday!

    How bout you score yourself a massage or a facial? or a mani pedi? that always perks me up...i loe pampering myself.