Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Do It Again!!!

No procrastination....Just Do IT!!!

I know it is, school, kids, be realistic about what you can ACTUALLY do today that you have been putting off.  We all know that cleaning out the entire closet isn't realistic....but is cleaning out 1 drawer?

If you have stuff going on, today is NOT the day to tackle HUGE projects.  But I just bet you have 1 or 2 small things that you just need to get off your plate.

In light of a full day of work, and a thing for Sassy tonight (plus dinner, HW, etc) are my 2 things to do today:

1)  Return library books (they are overdue...and they are in my car).
2)  Schedule kids' well child visit. - FOILED!!  I called the office and they are closed???  At 2:30???

Let's hear it folks.....what are you Just Gonna DO today!!


  1. This is a great concept to remember. Yesterday we started cleaning and caulking our bathrooms. Each bathroom got only two stripes of caulk and those are drying before we move on and do the rest.

    Who cares if it it takes several days for the job to get done? It sat there undone for 10 years, so if it takes 5 days before it's finished, that's fine. It doesn't have to get done in one day.

    Same thing for the mountain of laundry that just came home from college. I'll chip away at it a little each day. No need to get everything done in one day.

  2. We found out yesterday that we are moving this weekend. So today I will pack up my bedroom and the hallway bookshelf. If I can work on 2 rooms a day I will be done by friday.

  3. Today I started on the city council minutes I transcribe from tape into word. I made myself sit for an hour and do them...

  4. Today I got the garden tilled. At least that is done!