Monday, May 16, 2011

GRRR....Why can't I find it???

Disorganization and clutter are the enemy of debt.  Not being able to find something inevitably "forces" you to buy something you already have but can't find. 

The frustration of the moment....Microsoft Office. 

In Summer 2008, we bought my in-laws a laptop computer as an early Christmas gift, and loaded Microsoft Office on it for them.  The disks came with 3 licenses, so we also installed it on our computer at the time.  This left 1 more license.

Fast forward to today.  We bought the new computer in March, but since I infrequently use Office at home, I haven't installed it.  Now I need it....and can I find it?????  NOOOOOOO.

G-man and I looked through the closet where we thought it should be.....and it isn't there.  This means I put it somewhere "safe" so I could find it when I needed it.  Where that is....well....obviously it is SAFE cuz I can't find it!!!  I refuse to go buy it until I have exhausted all my resources at home. I know it is somewhere. 

There is a free 60-day trial I can download, which will buy me 2 months to find the bloody box with the disk and key code.  If I absolutely can't find it...I will HAVE to buy it again. 

I tried using Google Docs....and while it is fine for some things....I really do need Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Where the heck is it???????


  1. That sucks! I hope you find it.

    This happens to us too, I have bought quite a few duplicates of things. Ugh, disorganization.

  2. Know the feeling, I constantly do this kind of thing

    Also have you looked at "open Office"? It might also help you out. Plus it is Free Free Free

  3. We use open office. The only problem with it is that if you send someone a document in Open Office and they have Microsoft Office, they can't open it.

  4. I hate this when it happens. I have been in your shoes too often. Sorry

  5. Happens to me all the time. When I went to put our in my oldest new computer at Christamas...couldnt find it. Last month my husband found it mixed in with the DVDs


  6. It's not true that if you send someone a doc using Open office they can't open it. It's how you save it. If you save your document as a .doc, then it can be opened without issue. Misty, I have a new Mac and didn't bother buying office. I just use Open Office and it works great. It was free and I have programs similar to Word, excel, and power point without the expense. I have no problems putting my work on a jump drive and transferring the documents to my work PC.

  7. I 3rd Open Office I use it and just save it as an office doc.