Sunday, May 15, 2011

GBU - May 15, 2011

I can't believe it has been a month since I did is how the week looked for us:

The Good:   I got paid this week....and it didn't NEED to go to all the bills.  Everything that needed to be paid was already paid.  And with G-man getting paid tomorrow...that takes care of the upcoming bills.  We do need to go grocery shopping though.

We also signed the kids up for summer camp, at a cost of $1,008 for both.  That includes 7-weeks of 5-day a week camp (with swimming, field trips, arts and crafts, and parties!!  Plus an aide and nurse for Bossy), and they are offering "bonus" weeks after the regular session, so we signed them up for 3-days a week.  Plus they are offering a sibling discount this year!  We had saved $997 for camp, and it felt SOOOOO GOOD to know we could write that check and not wonder where we would have to scrimp and save to pay for it.

We have started looking into our life insurance issue and will hopefully have that sort it out shortly.  I will feel better knowing that we have better coverage and that "goal" for the year can be crossed off.

Lastly.....tomorrow today!!!the car will be paid off!  But that will be a separate post, and I guess that really belongs in next week's GBU. I went ahead and paid the car won't credit until tomorrow, but the transaction is done!!!!

The Bad: Our pool liner needs to be replaced.  There is money we weren't planning on spending.  I already wrote about how much I dislike our pool....but seeing all the numbers REALLY makes me dislike the pool even more.

Bossy is having some medical complications.  Dealing with this has been physically and emotionally exhausting.  We are having to buy extra medicine, drop everything we are doing when something happens, and at this point....I can't leave the house because I have no idea when a "crisis" will arise.  Additionally, his issues are creating a TON of laundry and extra cleaning. 

The Ugly: My ugly is just frustration.  I hate our credit card debt.  I mean....right this minute, I really HATE it.  I know we are moving in the right direction, but I want it NOW.  And I am just not seeing big drops in that area.  Once the car is paid off and we finish replenishing our EF, I know it will get better.  But we have used our cards a little bit, and I am unhappy about that.  

Another weight.  I stopped paying for Weight Watchers in April, and the stressors of the past 3 months have really caught up.  I need to draw a line in the sand and just get back on the horse.  I don't want to pay for WW anymore.  I understand what to do.....I just need to do it.  I turn green thinking about how much I paid for WW in the past 2 years.

How about you.....what are your GBU?????


  1. I don't even want to think about my Bad and Ugly and there isn't much good to talk about either. I did go to bed last night vowing to start this week fresh, so in a bit I'm off the computer and on to some spiritual quiet time in the garden and then getting back on track. Hang in there, hope Bossy gets to feeling better soon.