Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Tax Day!

I know ALL of you have already filed your taxes....right????

We owed $192 in state taxes, and had a $1,035 refund for federal.  We scheduled the state taxes to be an autodebit for today (knowing today is payday, and we KNEW there would be money in our account).  There it was when I checked on line this morning....the debit has already taken place.

Still haven't received our federal refund.  That is estimated to arrive this Friday.  Our plan was to repay ourselves the $192 for state, and the remainder will go to finish some home projects. 

Is it bad that I am already thinking about NEXT tax day?  With the mortgage refi, where we paid points, are now paying FHA mortgage insurance, and with slightly higher child care costs....our refund should be a little higher next year (of course, we are paying less in interest costs, so it may all even out.  Who knows). 

I am really hoping to be way on down the debt snowball road by then.  We have hit so many potholes...our time is due!  I would really LOVE to hit our goals for this is still possible....just will really take alot work, a little luck, and no more derailment.

But for today...I can sit back and know another tax year is gone, and focus forward.


  1. State taxes??! Oh so happy I live in TX!


  2. Happy tax day to you as well. :)

    Just FYI, points paid on a re-fi must be amortized over the life of the loan. There won't be a one-time big write-off.

    You have a great attitude, it is inspiring! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  3. @HS - Ah yes...we have state taxes, personal property taxes on our cars and homes. We pay 6% sales tax. Have oil heat. All sorts of wonderfulness!

    @Rhitter - you give it to him!

    @Petunia - Bummer on the big write off. I am glad you are inspired...I think I am a debbie downer most of the time.

  4. Death and taxes, right? You should try not to get a refund and use that money for investment. But I am sure that you have heard that before.

    Good luck with your snowball. Keep at it and you will get there. We made it doing exactly what you are doing.


  5. @Joe - we have adjusted our withholdings so that we don't get a huge refund. My hours at work can vary a little, so we build in a cushion. We shoot for a refund of no more than $ our $1035 this year was pretty good.

    Our snowball will work eventually...we just need to stop having ISSUES!