Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is Already Better Than January!!!

Happy February!!  Putting aside that my children have yet ANOTHER snow day today (I think we are up to 7, and tomorrow isn't looking too good either), this month is already better thank last month.

I spoke to Mortgage Guy last night, and his director of something or other is trying to not double pay our taxes.  I have the print out from the old mortgage company that shows they were paid on January 26, so if that is good enough, the new lender can just cut us a check back for the taxes ($1760).

Well, I double checked our escrow balance now that the old mortgage has been paid, and due to the way the payment structure is....it included one last escrow payment, so our balance to be refunded to us is $911, not $472 like we thought a few days ago.

Then.....as if this stuff wasn't already great.....

I got our electric bill via e-mail.  We are on a budget plan, and it resets at the end of January.  I was expecting that our monthly bill would go down due to changing suppliers, who had a lower rate, and using less power over all.

Not only did the monthly bill go down from $123 to $110 (I guesstimated it would be $114...but I will take the extra $13), but....we have a $3.20 credit, and don't owe anything for February!!  Since we were paying more per month than we really needed to, it added up to a large enough credit that we can skip a month.  That will be $110 in our pocket this month to slap onto our snowball.

First thing I am going to do is replenish our emergency account that I borrowed from.  But all the rest of this money is going to debt.  It should be almost $2300.....which will pay off CC1, Student Loan 2, and leave and extra payment to apply to the car!!!

If the first 7.5 hrs of February are this good....I can't wait to see the rest!!!  Go February!!!!


  1. I am soooo happy for you! Good things come to those who wait! Take time to enjoy the snow day with the kids and just bask in the relaxation that you deserve!

  2. I'm happy that so far February is treating you good! :)