Monday, January 3, 2011

I passed!

I passed my ChaCha exam!!!

I got a question from my previous post....What is ChaCha??

Basically, it is a system that you can text or call and ask questions.  They can be "real" "When was the American Civil War fought?" all the way to "What should I have for dinner?"  And behind the scenes there are people who research the answer for you. 

I passed an entry level test for an "expeditor" who is the one to give you quick turn around answers.  If it is something that needs more research, I send it on to a specialist.   Each type of position is a pay per answer set up.  There isn't a set amount per is based on the total number of questions per month.  My position is the lowest, and then there are positions that pay more.

They don't hire often, so I am excited that I passed!   This will allow me to have the system open at home and make a few extra dollars.  Plus, it looks fun!

Side hustlin' is starting.


  1. and I thought you meant cha cha dancing!! :) well done on passing!

  2. @Louise - OM gosh...I have two left feet. No ChaCha dancing for me!

  3. Interesting...I've never heard of that.


  4. That is AMAZING!!! And you get paid for it!

  5. That is so cool. You just set up shop at home and the phone rings? How much is it per call

  6. @Evan - it is all through the computer. It is a free service to the if you need to know the current score on a football game, you can text your question to 242242 and you will get a text answer. The amount I get per question will vary based on the total number of questions for the month. I will let you know how it goes!

  7. Mysti -

    Hey...has the cha cha thing paid off? I truly consider myself a internet research expert:) I would love to make some extra money using my skills to help with our debt mountain!

  8. Not at all. It is very time consuming, and not very much money. Like, less than a dollar an hour.