Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bummer Today

None of these things today were a HUGE issue....but just a little annoyance.

1)  We purchased a cute bookcase on Craigslist for $50.  Great piece.  Looks awesome in the spot in the house, and fits perfectly.  Yeah!!  It has 3 shelves...and when I went to put books won't work.  The shelf height is too short for hard bound books....paperbacks would be ok, but I don't have paperbacks!!  We will be able to us some L brackets to move the shelves...and will go from 3 to 2 in order to make it work.  While this isn't a huge deal...I was bummed. I still want the other shelf that I went on and on about this summer.  But since that isn't happening....I will make due.

2)  After much internal debate...I decided to sign up for a pay to play type site.  There is one game that I play for free as a stress relief, and have gotten quite good.  So after talking to G-man....I decided to activate the upgraded account.  But it I was rejected.  Apparently my state doesn't allow no pay for play for me.

3)  I applied to be a ChaCha guide and took my final test.  Waiting to hear back.  But I ran into some technical difficulties during the test, and I am concerned that will negatively impact the final test score.  You only get one shot at the test.  I hope I passed.....I don't do so well with "failure."  Especially since this isn't anything that I really need to be stressed about!!

4)  We got a dud bag of microwave popcorn.  Only about half popped.

5)  My LAST day to sleep in before the kids go back to school.....and I was awake early.  Huh????

6)  And I offered up a list of items on Freecycle....not one response.  How crappy does your stuff have to be when you can't even give it away??

I really shouldn't complain.  None of these things are even worth the energy I am spending writing this.  But it is just bumming me out, dude!!!

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  1. Well sometimes it seems that the world is against us and I believe today is your day lol.

    Hopefully the rest of the week will be better.

    BTW, what's a ChaCha guide?