Sunday, January 16, 2011

GBU - January 16, 2011

I can't believe that we are already half way through January.  Time is just flying by.  My next month is booked solid with Bookfair, work, kid stuff, school vacation, oh....and G-man is planing on working on our bathroom.  *shaking head*  Seriously, does he really think NOW is the best time to do this??

On to the week....

The Good:  I was overflowing with "good" last week.  It hasn't been a "bad" week, just not overwhelmingly good.  I am loving the cash system for groceries.  I am much more aware of what I am buying, and it is forcing me to be a little more creative.  We still have $16 left in the jar until Wednesday, when we replenish the funds.  And other than milk and fresh fruit, we have everything we need.  Also, I made my first $15 in side hustle....I sold my yellow pages!!  Some guy was paying $5 a book.  CRAZY!

The Bad:  The mortgage refi is still not locked up.  I spoke to MG yesterday, and they are all still confident that it will be fine.  If the refi falls through, my current budget won't work, and I will have to redo some line items.  And then it will be TIGHT.

The Ugly:  I failed my no-eating out challenge as an individual (family, we are still good).  I had bookfair stuff on Friday night, so my co-chair and I had to go shopping for supplies.  We decided to get dinner out, sort of a Mom's Night Out.  I spoke to G-man about it beforehand, and he wanted me to do it.  So I spent $17 on Chinese food (and a very yummy cocktail!!!).  Add in when I bought my boss and myself lunch....and this is a clear failure. 

How was your week???  What are your GBUs?


  1. Hi, I'm wondering if your two times eating out $$ came from your grocery budget or where?

  2. The first one ($18 for me and boss) came from "misc" and the second one was from $20 I took from our savings.

  3. I agree with you. Cash for groceries makes you think twice before you throw something into your cart! I can attribute a lot of my savings to just that. It works equally as well with misc. spending!

    I love the drinks at chinese restaurants! Glad you had a good time!

  4. Woah Woah Woah I know Gman is probably 1000 times handier than me (I almost went ape shit just trying to hange shelves last night), but even supplies cost $$$.

  5. @Evan - We used $140 left over from our tax return last year for the floor, and a gift card from CC points ($50) for the paint and misc supplies. We already had the paint for the ceiling and trim, and the shower curtain (again, from last year's tax return). We plan on spending another $200 on a new vanity and $100 for misc "decor" (from this year's tax return), and that is it. Grand total is under $500, mostly from tax returns.