Monday, December 27, 2010

Paycheck Woe

I briefly mentioned a week ago or so that my boss decided to change our payroll schedule. This caused us to only get a half paycheck last week, and effectively changed the week we get paid.

G-man and I were on the same week schedule for payday, and all of our bills and budgets were based that way.  Now that my paycheck is one week off from his, it is screwing me up for the moment!   I know it will be fine once I make all the adjustments, but for the meantime, I am in a bit of trouble.

Once I pay the mortgage this week, it leaves $277 to cover all remaining bills, gas, food.  Normally I would have another $250 on top of that, but since I only got a half we are.

I will get paid again on January 5.  And G-man will get paid for his part time job that day as well.  So, that will come out to roughly $700 at that point.

However...I have $500 in bills due before payday. 

I know this is a temporary problem.  And I have money I can transfer from our overdraft savings account.  But I hate having to do it.  Once I adjust what gets paid from what paychecks, it will be fine.  But I hate having to be in this situation. 

Groceries are ok for now, as I went shopping yesterday (before the snow storm hit).  I need gas for my car tomorrow, but G-man is on vacation this week, so his gas usage will be minimal.

I am ready to hit that big red reset button and put all of this behind us!!


  1. Budgets are sexy just posted something about this today that you should read.
    It is like he is reading your mind.

  2. I love J. Money....that guy is hysterical!