Thursday, December 16, 2010

Living as a One Car Family

So I mentioned the other day that my car was in the shop.  As of 8:00 this is still there.  And when I said the bill was $ WAS that high when I wrote the other post.  The debockle that has insued over the past 3 days has brought the bill down, although we still are unsure of the final tally.

As I stated before, my water pump and some metalic hose thingy needed to be replaced. While I am not a mechanic, I am aware that these things are needed for a functional car.  I am glad we brought the car in sooner than later.  Standing on the side of I-91 with an overheated car is not my idea of a good time.

When we thought that my car would be done on Tuesday (the same day we brought it in), living as a one car family wasn't too horrible.  G-man drove me to work and picked me up (it is his day off). Our schedule worked for the day (part of the reason we brought the car in that day!). I even had this fantasy that day that MAYBE we could figure out a way to stay as a one car family.  I mean, G-man works nights, and I work days.  His day job we could figure something out.  HMMMM.....


Having my car out of commission has been a HUGE problem.  The juggling and stress is way higher than I thought.  It could be because this wasn't planned (notice a theme in life.....planning=LESS stress!). My kids are all out of sorts because of having a busy week on top of schedule changes due to the car (my poor kids...they were barely out of bed and I was telling them get dressed because we have to drive Daddy to work.)

If we worked closer to our home, maybe I would toy with this idea again.  Years ago, before I went back to work outside the home, we lived as a one car family (G-man's car died, and we couldn't afford another one).  The kids were little then, and he still worked the day shift.  Since I didn't work, he just took the car.  If I needed the car for an appointment, I drove him to work and picked him up.  But now it just wouldn't work.

So I HOPE that my car is ready today.  I need my car!!!

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