Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving prep, part 3 - All for nothing!!!

Parents called an hour ago and said they aren't coming.  Mom isn't feeling well.  Apparently this has been going on for several days and they just now are telling me.

So all the cleaning, prep, etc.  For nothing .  OK, I realize the cleaning could be viewed as a good thing...but anyway...

The food I bought.  We got a few more chairs (because we didn't have enough due to a few breaking).  I made G-man paint the hall before they came.  I detailed my car.  Hung pictures.

And they aren't coming. 

Oh, and the kids......let's just say that disappointed doesn't even start to cover it.  Bossy was looking forward to spending the night at the hotel with them.  He already picked out his jammies and what he would have for breakfast the next day.  He cried and had a tantrum when I told him.  Kids on the spectrum....they don't handle last minute change well.

Plus, G-man and I were going to have a date night.  Parents were going to take the kids.  We were going to see Harry Potter in Imax and have an adult only dinner.  Guess not.

Well, isn't that special.....


  1. Ugh, that stinks but at least your house and car are clean) And you'll have a little less stress over the holiday.

  2. Oh that really stinks. last minute changes are always so hard on kids and adults looking forward to adult nights out! I hope the rest of your Thanksgiving is relaxing and calm. At least you don't have to be so stressed any more. :0)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear. Try to make the best of it and have a wonderful holiday with your fabulous little family! :)

  4. The clean house is cool... Having the hall painted, just a cool. Not having the date night, that is what stinks.

    At least you have your kids and family with you. My daughter is not here. I don't have family here, just my b/f, whom I am not a little annoyed with right now.

  5. Okay, I'm not even going to try to make you feel better because that majorly sucks big. They knew and couldn't give you a heads up for the sake of your kids? That's pretty selfcentred if you ask me. Hang in there...your kids will be watching you for cues as to how to salvage something to be thankful out of all of this. But in case you didn't already know...this sucks big for you. I would be sooooooo bummed. Wallow in some self pity for a short time and then revert back to the Pollyanna type and find some good in it....'cause you know deep down there is a little tiny bit of good in all of this!

  6. Oh, boo. I'm sorry to hear that they canceled on you at the last minute. My grandparents pulled a similar stunt one year. WE had to call THEM because they just didn't show up. "Oh, Mamaw's been sick for a few days..." Then why the heck didn't you call a few days ago? It ended up just being me, my two brothers and mom and dad there. We could have cooked a heck of a lot less food and skipped the deep cleaning if they had told us. Seems like parents just assume their kids will never deserve the same respect and consideration that they do as adults.

  7. DUUUUUDE! Poor Bossy. Maybe he and Sassy can have a special sleepover in the living room as a treat instead? My brother and I used to like that. Maybe they can use the new chairs to make an awesome fort, and sleep in it. And maybe you can get them to go to bed really early (extra turkey? benadryl? whatever works!) and have a little date night at home. Trying to make lemonade here . . . why is it that getting disappointed by your parents doesn't get any easier even though it keeps happening? Very upsetting.

  8. I would be so angry!!!! I am so sorry to hear that.. I hope that you are fairing okay.

  9. Thanks all for your support. I am still angry, but I am working through it.

    My parents are selfish, and I know it. I know they are disappointed, but c'mon.

    Oh, and I am NOT flying down there this time to take care of things.