Sunday, November 7, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Sassy is a crafty little thing.  As in, she LOVES arts and crafts.  She made me all sort of Halloween Decor.....ghosts, bats, witches.  Even a cauldron of slime.  She loved decorating the house, and really loved the window clings we had in her room. 

November 1 came...and she handed the window clings to me.  When I asked her why she took them down.....Her answer:  Halloween is over.

Heck, the candy hadn't even settled in the bucket and she was on to the next holiday! Tonight she has been making evergreen trees and ornaments. 

And when I asked her about Thanksgiving.....Her answer:  Oops.  Forgot about it.

I reassured her that she could finish her current Christmas decorating and we can save it for later. 

She will be making me some turkeys, pilgrim hats, and cornicopias when she is done.  :)  I guess watching me make the leaf table runner got her in the holiday crafting mood....just not the same holiday as me!

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