Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let the Holiday Shopping begin!

OK, technically I started months ago.  Sassy's stuff if already purchased (minus a few small stocking stuffers).  We have 1 thing for Bossy.  He is a hard bugger to shop for.

But in my head, shopping for all those OTHER people is when the shopping starts.

Today, I purchased the gifts for the kids' classroom teachers (memory boards), special education teacher (tie), and nurse (beaded bookmark).  I have started the process for the 4 other therapists at school.  Still working on Bossy's aide.  But there is a good chance I might be done with school shopping by the end of the day.

I love finding things that are a little different.  I don't always succeed, but I try!  My creative juices haven't been doing so well, so I am glad to be getting anywhere with this.

Anyone else started??


  1. I have my own business and make a lot of my gifts.

  2. What kind of business???

    I have made gifts in the past, but right now, I am just out of time. My favorite ones that I made were beaded sachets.

  3. Oh, geez! I forgot about kids' teachers! My mom used to do that too, but luckily, we only had one teacher every year. After elementary school, they stopped doing it.

    This year, I'm giving the gift of my time. ;) I'm going to write letters to those closest to me, telling them how much they matter to me, and I'm either going to make or buy a photo ornament and put a picture of our family at my wedding in it. Uber cheap!

    Now if only Mr. Red would give me some clue about what he wants!

  4. @Red - Bossy has 8 teachers on his team, plus Sassy's teacher, plus the private therapist that Bossy sees. That is 10 people right there!

    My husband made a list, but I have some other ideas. Now, if he could only figure out ME!

  5. As a former middle and high school teacher (now principal) I have to say it truly SUCKS to be forgotten at Christmas. My BFF is a second grade teacher and she is used to $100 gift cards for Christmas from her kids. (It's a class gift.) While I wasn't looking for such a lavish gift, it would have been nice to receive a card or two. Please remember your kids have teachers after 5th grade.

    That being said, I'm in the home stretch of buying gifts. I just purchased $25 gift cards for $3.75 each for my staff, and I've been shopping since last January and putting things away. I just have a few immediate family members to finish up and then I'm done.