Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Do You Have An Anthem???

I know that "they" say that the sense of smell is technically your most powerful sense.  That your nose and olfactory (big word!) system can detect and remember thousands of subtle scents and these can invoke memories.

Mine must be broken.  It doesn't do it for me.

For me, it is music.  I am the first to admit that I am terrible at knowing which artist sings a song, and being able to hear their voice and know it is them.  The running joke in our family is that my standard answer to "who sings this song?" is Led Zepplin.  (Name that show:  You know....Led is hot!!!)

Some songs that invoke powerful memories....Hey Jealousy by the Gin Blossoms (takes me back to college); Angel (our first dance at our wedding); I Can't Smile Without You (I used to sing this to Bossy when he was in NICU); and You Are My Sunshine (Sassy's song!).

I love to dance around to music that really gets my blood pumping.  And sometimes certain songs really make me feel like I can conquer the world.  My current Anthem (and no laughing, people......):

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. makes me think back to when I was 16, and I was a hot ticket, and the world was my oyster.  I had my whole life ahead of me.  I had so many plans and dreams.  And it was all possible.

And for some reason, this song is making me think of my 20th High School reunion, which will be in 2012.  And where I want to be by then.  What image I want to portray to my former former boyfriend....

I want to be strong and confident.  I want to go in as the hot ticket I was 20 years ago (but a sexier, more confident hot know, that is what your mid to late thirties are all about!!).  I want to go in there and be able to report how great things are...and mean it.  Not that fluff that you just say because you don't want people to know the truth.

So, Katy Perry and I will be rocking it out.  This song is keeping me going!!!

How about you?  Do you have a song that just does IT for ya??  Do share!!!  I can't wait to hear the results.


  1. Although I can't say I have one song, there are many that just hit the nail on the head at certain times in my life. In my 30s, almost by Ani Difranco was IT. A few years back, "America" by Hugh Blumenfeld was IT. During the Bush admin. I was so disgusted with politics (and, frankly, still am) I would hear that song and think how much it fit. Here's a little bit:

    Oh beautiful, rapacious lies and abject strains of greed. Of people claiming majesties in love and freedom's name.

    Hugh Blumenfeld also has another song that is fabulous and reminds me of being a kid on a hot summer day. "Waiting for the Good Humor Man" is like an 8 year old's anthem and makes me smile!

  2. Ah, Teenage Dream. Not a bad song at all. I'm a semi-closeted Katy Perry fan (for some reason, if you're a 28 year old guy who is interested in her for a reason other than her body, you get some odd looks), and her new songs are all pretty good.

    As for my anthem, most of Queen's songs definitely get me going ('Bohemian Rhapsody' in particular), and I do love Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall Part II' (although, I'm not sure that's really an anthem type of song...)

  3. @Gina - I love Ani Difranco too.

    @Roger - I love Queen too....I don't think you can be a child of the 80's and not be. Come out of the closet, dear Roger....rock out to Katy with me! I am 35 and I do...but I still love my Bon Jovi too.

  4. 4 Non-Blondes What's Up...This song gets belted in the car when I am going through a trying time in my life!