Monday, October 25, 2010

Know when to just stay home

Earlier today I blogged about my frenzy-filled life right now.  And in an attempt to not overspend....I am just going to stay home.

My original plan was to drag the kids to the store to look at a winter coat that probably won't fit Sassy.  And then hop on over to two other stores and pick up some other stuff.  I know I feel overwhelmed right now, and I know that in the moment, I won't care what I am spending.  So I need to not go.

I guarantee that if I went, I would drop $200 easy.  And none of it needs to be purchased today.

After work tomorrow, I will go to the two stores and get JUST WHAT I NEED.  No frenzy buying.  No guilt or regret later.  Just what I need.

Now I just have to figure out what to feed my kids for dinner.....since part of my original plan included getting dinner!

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