Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kids - Losing Things, Gaining Things

Sassy has never been the most responsible when it comes to keeping track of her things.  I think she has an "artist's" brain, and in her world, it is take it as it comes....whatever is fine.....very scattered and such.

Unfortunately, 3rd grade is a time of change.  They are starting to teach the kids the fundamentals of organization, and holding them accountable for things.  Sassy is going to have a rough time until she gets a better grip on this.  She has forgotten her homework folder 4/6 days (brings home the homework, but not the folder....and this is confusing to me because she has had a folder every year she has been in school....this isn't new).

The school encourages the kids to have a water bottle at their seat.  Designed to keep kids from getting up constantly to get a drink.  Sassy has already dropped one and broke it (plastic), lost one (aluminum), and "forgot" one today.  It is only the 6th day of school!!!!  I told her she better look for her lost one (which was $15), and find it.  If she can't, she will be responsible for buying a new one.  I am not replacing another water bottle when we are 6 days into school.  That is already 2 down, and maybe a 3rd.

We are getting ready to roll out the allowance system.  I am hoping this is going to teach them the value things.  It might sting a bit when she loses things and SHE has to replace them.



  1. Oh - Miss Sassy is doing exactly what mine did to me. Just hold tight... they get it. Mine did when she went without a jacket for two months while she earned her portion to help replacement. She had to wear this really ugly sweatshirt, and hated it! And she learned with she left her mp3 player in the afterschool care. She went without for 6 months. Now, she is a lot more careful.

  2. Buy her an embarrassing bottle, and if she loses that too, then it's the water fountain for her! :P

  3. @Rhitter - I am hoping that this is a lesson learned. Will keep you updated.

    @Kevin - Darn her mother for buying her an uber-school water bottle! The water bottle was supposed to replace the fountain, so the kids aren't leaving the class all the I guess Girlfriend will be thirsty. ;)

  4. how funny! (on my end anyways - you are the one dealing with it)

    we have water bottles at seats too & I think it is an amazing idea. They get so used to it, that it isn't a big deal! Genious!!!