Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good, Bad, and Ugly - August 29, 2010

Another week under our belt.  Let's check and see how we did:

The Good:   Not much to report here.  Usually I can find something positive about our financial week, but I am kind of at a loss this week.  Sorry folks!

The Bad:  Where do I even start???  In an attempt to not completely beat myself up, I am just going to pick one thing (I could go on and on about all the bad stuff, but it going to help???).  As part of the kids' birthday family day out, we took them to the movies.  A rare treat around our house.  We were supposed to go to a 10:45am show...but the theater was having technical problems and wasn't showing our movie.  We ended up going to another theater that evening and I remember why we 1) don't go to the movies, and 2) don't go in the evening.

Folks....the admission price for 2 adults and 2 children:  $35.50.  And it wasn't even in 3-D!  We got a large popcorn and large drink to share (free refills!), and a bottle of water for Bossy.  $15.  The bottle of water was $5 just for that!  So our movie excursion was $50.50.  Cute liked it.  But $50???????

The Ugly:  Uncontrolled spending.  Period.  We are entering the 2 month period of time where our finances go wanky and I am glad we caught it all fairly quickly.  My plan to have Student Loan 2 paid off by November is probably shot as I un-do what I have just done.  I am still planning on having it paid off by the end of the year though!!

So....spill it.  What are your GBUs?


  1. They make it so unaffordable for a family to do anything outside the home anymore. We took the kids to Great Adventure this month and even with 3 free kid passes it cost us around $200 (family of 6). Eating their was a big mistake. The kids loved it though.

  2. Ouch! Yeah, the prices at movie theaters are sky high. I don't go to movie theaters often, but when I do, I often go for cheapie tuesdays/wednesdays and bring something in the girlfriend's purse :P

    Don't worry about it too much. You have 4 more months before it's time to wrap the year up and see how you did overall.

  3. @Jennifer - we were supposed to go to a theme park (we had 2 free tix) and I am sure it would have run us $150 at least for 2 more tix and food.

    @Kevin - we usually go to an early show, but it didn't work out this time. And we don't have a "cheapie" day. I thought about bringing something in my purse....but then thought about what message that was sending to my kids.

    We did have fun. And it was a cute movie.

  4. @Mysti

    I don't know, I don't really consider it a moral issue. You are under no obligation to buy food at the theater, and it's certainly not illegal. Yeah, they get to set the house rules, so worst case, they can ask you to leave it in the car if they catch you :P

    P.S. Having said that, I still usually buy popcorn and one drink over there anyways, when I do go. If ever we are still hungry & thirsty, then at least we have some water and a snack handy.

  5. I agree w/ Kevin; it could be a good example for your kids: 1) you don't always have to take everything a store is offering/think outside the box and 2) money doesn't grow on trees 3) be resourceful.

  6. I am with Mysti on this one for sure...I want my kids to be honest...not sneaky rule breakers.

  7. I am getting closer to being caught up to the present...less than a year of posts left to read:) I hope the future you is doing well:)