Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Renewal of Spirit

I used to think that Winter was my favorite season.  I love bare trees and the calm.  I love glistening white snow.  I love the sound of sleet on a window and the feel of fleece.  We got married in the winter and we have pictures outside of us kissing as the snow fell.

But as I am getting older, I am finding that Fall is really where I gain my energy and my vibe.

Part of it may be my upbringing.  I was raised Jewish, although I am no longer practicing.  Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashannah is typically in Late September.  New Year = Fresh Start.  And Yom Kippur follows about 10 days later....the Day of Atonement.  You ask forgiveness for your past year transgressions, in hopes of having your name written in The Book of Life for another year.  Again....put the past behind you, and start fresh.

Part of it is the new school year.  As an educator, the fall is really when things BEGAN.  New pencils with perfect points.  Fresh notebooks.  Unscuffed shoes.  C'mon....nothing says renewal like a new pencil!!!

I love to decorate for fall.  I have been into Scarecrows for years, but this year I am all about Pumpkins.  I am scrolling through Etsy and DIY sites for ideas.  I am itching to bring my fall items out and drink in the serenity I find in wooden bowls filled with apple spiced potpourri.

As I pulled weeds in my garden, I took stock of my plants.  While they are still in bloom, many are starting to fade.  Even though they appear to be "dying off," they really are getting ready to start anew. Regain their strength by going dormant.  Recharge their batteries and come out fighting next spring. 

Fall is when I clean out and reboost.  And this will be true of our finances as well.  The damage of the month is done, and nothing I can do but learn from it and move forward.  I am ready to hit is all with gusto and fresh eyes.  I am really hoping that my cleaning out will produce a little extra cash to throw towards debt and get back on track. 

So, here I pencils in hand, ready to get to work.  Who else is with me??


  1. I'm with ya! Fall is definitely my favorite season. There is just something about it... Really, I think it's just the beginning of school and feeling like I get a "fresh start" with new teachers. The colors of the leaves, the weather. Ah, I love how it's crisp out. It's not hot, but it's not cold either. It's just right!

  2. totally with you...bad August for us, hoping September will be better! Love the Fall - Back to School, fresh starts as the world prepares to sleep.

  3. Wahoo! Me too!!!! Fall is my favorite as well...

  4. The Jewish Holidays fall VERY early this year, right around Labor Day. Nothing says renewal like a clean slate.

  5. @ Red - I love the leaves changing color too. And I always remember the first day of school being cool....not this year!!!! It is in the 90's here.

    @ Carazy Mom - August seems to have been a bad month all around. At least today is the end of that bad JuJu and tomorrow is a new day and new month.

    @JP - I know technically Fall doesn't start for a few weeks...but in my head, it starts tomorrow.

    @ Me in Millions - wow! The High Holy Days really are EARLY this year. Nothing like getting a jump on a clean slate. L'Shana Tovah.

  6. I hate the feeling of the shortening days and colder weather, but on the other hand, I also love the changing colors, and since fall is usually the time we start school, there's also that feeling of getting ready for a fresh start.

  7. @Kevin - yes, shorter days are a bummer....but I will take it in exchange for that fresh start feeling.

  8. I am with you...I LOVE fall! And...look how skinny you are! Why do you think you have a bunch of weight to lose?