Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bliss - August 4, 2010

If you are new to this series....this is the time where I highlight a non-financial item that helps renew my spirit and energies.  We all know that life is tough....being in debt makes it that much harder.  We all need to take a minute to honor our spirit....

Mine for today.....

I need to post a picture of how my garden bloomed from when I first planted it.  I still have a ways to go, but it came out not too shabby.

When we got home from Bossy Boy's therapy appointment, Sassy decided to stop to smell the flowers.  Literally.  She bent down and lovingly touched the delicate purple blooms.  She buried her face in the plant and just soaked it all in.  So little hippie dippy nature girl.

And Bossy decided that the rest of his water from his water bottle should go to the plants.  He dumped the water onto the plant and said "here you go little is ok....I know you are thirsty."

I love that my kids love nature and gardening!

How about you....what is your Bliss for today?


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  2. My bliss for the day was actually bickering with my "new" coworker. She's worked there before, and she's my boss's daughter. But this is the first time she's worked there in the past two years.

    Today, we were fighting. And I mean screaming-at-each-other fighting. (She thinks I'm cheap and annoying for trying to be ethical about my spending.) And not five minutes later we were joking around like nothing happened.

    It reminded me of how easy it is to fall back on your friends, how even though we haven't had contact in two years not much has changed and how it's good to have that kind of relationship - the kind where you can scream at each other and not take it personally because you know you'll still love each other after the fight is over.

  3. @Red - always good to have those kind of friends. They are few and far between.

  4. Sitting on my back patio around 5pm. The yard isn't pretty anymore (grass has turned brown) but I still love watching the birds flit around, enjoying the gorgeous weather (this SoCal summer has been wonderfully cooler than normal!), and drinking a cold one!

  5. @Little House - sounds like a good time to me. My lawn isn't too hot looking, but my flowers are holding their own. Have a cold one for me!

  6. Hearing the rain drum on the roof of the porch and cooling the air down a little. And having my daughter tell me a story starting with "Once upon a time, there was a big boy named Daddy..." It was so cute!