Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bliss June 9,2010

I am telling ya....I picked the wrong day of the week to do this.  Wednesday just doesn't seem to be my day!!

I have Strep throat again.  Had it in March.  And 3 times last year. Yep....I need my tonsils out.  That is going to be a royal pain in the you know where.  But...

My Bliss for today....G-man not only brought me home wonton soup for lunch....he ran BACK to the grocery store to get something easy to make for the kids for dinner tonight since I am on my own.  Thanks sweetie!!

What is your Bliss.....the thing that keeps you going today?


  1. Yuck! Strep is awful. I only had it once, but I didn't like it one bit, hope it goes away soon.

    My bliss for today? I just picked up some new library books.

  2. My bliss for today? I could sit and blog all day long and didn't have anyone bothering me. Hubby is away on business and there are no kids in the house this week. Loving my alone time!