Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Whether you are a mother, soon-to-be mother, act in a mothering way to someone...or have a is for you!  It isn't about being put on a isn't about being showered with expensive is about loving who you are, and the impact that you have on those around you. 

I am far from the best mom in the world (if such a thing exists).  My kids may eat processed food more than I would like....there are nights that we skip a shower....and just once in a while, I have been known to raise my voice. 

But my children know they are loved and wanted.  They get hugs and kisses aplenty.  I kiss boo-boos, and stand back when I know they are about to fail, so they can learn that failure isn't the end of the world, then comfort them when it is all over.

And none of that costs me a dime.

My Mother's Day is low key (a far cry from last year....when we were getting ready for my father in law's wake).  The children made me a breakfast of lightly toasted bread with LOTS of jelly (*shudder*), and I didn't say a word when I saw the vast quantity of jelly all over my dish towels and floor.  We are having THEIR favorite dinner (spaghetti and meatballs, with bread).  And I am spending my day cleaning up around my house....because when the house is clean, I am a better mom to them.

So take a minute to appreciate yourself, or the special mom in your life.  Just hearing how much you appreciate them is a gift in itself.

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