Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - May 9, 2010

Here we are again....a recap of those financial events this week that are to be celebrated and scorned.  We all have them....something that we said YES! to, and something that we said AW, FUDGECICLES! to. Here are mine.....feel free to share yours!

The Good:  Apparently I signed up for some kind of reward program at Pep Boys.  No idea when...but we got a $75 coupon/gift card (not really a GC, since it has an expiration date) in the mail!  WHOO HOOO!  G-man instantly thought of "service" on a car...and would we use it before it expires (7/31/10).  Heck yeah!  An oil change, new wiper blades, windshield wiper fluid, and new floor mats for my car before we go on vacation in June.....that bad boy is gonna get used up!

The Bad:  I know this is not going to sound like a bad.....and it really isn't bad in the truest sense of the word...but just process it for a minute.  My mom said she didn't get me anything per se for my birthday and Mother's Day, so she is going to send me a check.  Money.....this is a tough one.  I know that the money is supposed to be for ME, and that is what she wants me to do with it.  She wants me to go shopping and get a few new clothes, and a few new beads for my Trollbeads bracelet (which I absolutely adore!).  But when I am getting so close to paying off Hospital #1 is going to be hard to not put it toward debt, or even to put it in a savings location for something else (like a new kitchen table).

The Ugly: While this was something we had talked about getting, I was planning on waiting a few more weeks.  A portable DVD the tune of $60.  We have a duel screen version for the car (which is a pain with all the wires), but for our 14 hr drive, we have decided to separate the kids, giving each of them their own row....and the duel screen doesn't stretch that far.  Plus, they are so different, that getting them to agree on one movie is getting harder. they each have their own.  While I know that this may be silly to some....we decided our sanity was worth the $60 (well, plus a few extra bucks to get them headphones!)


  1. Hi Again,

    Good job on applying the coupon correctly. A coupon is only helpful if you spend it on something that you would have already had to purchase! That escapes many people.

    We completely understand how you feel about the gift. When you're in the "eliminate debt, consumerism is for suckers" mindset, it's hard to break away from it, even for something so simple. It's because it becomes a lifestyle change. In this instance, you may just need to bite the bullet and buy something nice. You could be in a worse position, lol. Many people won't understand how important, and how much of a gift that financial freedom truly is, so you will get looks when you say you'd rather pay off debt.

    Sanity does have a cost sometimes. Good job on at least getting an affordable portable dvd player. You could go the route of saying that your gift money was used on the dvd player for your sanity and then apply the money to your debt, but I'm not sure if using your gift money on the kids would go over well. In any event, good luck and good work.

    Wealth Artisan Team Member

  2. Using the coupon for the service check is a great idea. Go for it! Smart move!

    As for the gift from your Mom. Your mother wanted you to have something nice for yourself, because she knew that you yourself would not do it because of your determination to get out of debt. It is her way of saying I am proud of you - reward yourself. You should. When I receive money like this, I use it as it is meant for, to get something nice for me. I love coffee, so I reload my Starbucks card.

    The portable DVD player??? Not an ugly move - smart move! There is no price on peace of mind. Well done mom!