Sunday, May 16, 2010

GBU - May 16, 2010

Let's get right to it!

The Good:  I have several this week!!!!.  1)  A huge Shout Out to G-man, for the zillion hours of overtime that he is getting in this week paycheck.  His overtime is allowing him a bit of spending money, and we are able to pay the water bill, car registration, and a few other things.  The biggest thing though will be a huge chunk of it going to Hospital #1 bill!!!  2)  Not buying a table that we didn't love.  Our kitchen table pretty much bit the dust (the tweezers that pulled out the huge splinter agreed).  I found a set for $140 (table and 6 chairs), but we didn't love it.  Price was right though.  We decided to not do it....and later that day I found a GREAT table for only $50!!!  And 3)  I love FreeCycle!  I got several pots of Morning Glories for free, that will totally dress up my front porch.  Super nice lady who posted them, and even planted them in my little pots for me.

The Bad:  Several of these also.  1)  Realizing that we aren't budgeting properly for irregular expenses.  One of the cats went to the vet for yearly check up and shots....$82.  Water Bill.....$189.  Car Registration.....$85.  I know full well that all of these expenses exist...but just haven't properly budgeted on a monthly basis for them.  We were fortunate that we get paid 3x this month, plus G-man's we dodged a bullet THIS TIME.  But might not be so lucky another time.  2) Paying the camp bill.  I posted about this earlier this week...and one commenter felt that I was being irresponsible sending my kids to camp with our amount of debt.  Well, call it it child it "summer school"....they need to go somewhere!!  And 3)  Buying a new weed eater because G-man killed ours last fall (forgot to mix the gas and oil and the engine seized).  I really wanted him to get an electric one to prevent this from happening again....I lost that battle.  We did get the $94 one vs the $127 one that you can buy attachments for (hello....we aren't buying attachments....).

The Ugly:  This one isn't ugly in is what it can lead to......buying the table.  I was getting really anxious about needing to get a new table, and that anxiety was relieved when I bought it.  I am just so sick of my house looking like everything is falling apart.  I am going to have to be careful that this doesn't lead to more anxiety spending.  Like the bookshelf I found on Craigslist......don't worry, I haven't done anything.  I just covet it.

How about you?  What were your Good, Bad, and Ugly financial moments of the week???

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