Saturday, April 24, 2010

What do you do when you have found IT?

*sigh*  I am a bad person.  Bad person.

I am a habitual monitor shopper.  You know, the modern version of window shopping.  I love to browse around and look at home decor and furniture.  Mostly to get ideas for the someday house we hope to have and furnish.  I have a whole collection of bookmarks (and pages ripped out of magazines).

I found a dining room set that I LOVE.  I mean LOVE.  It is everything I want and then some.  The colors are perfect.  The style is perfect.  It is not ornate, which will allow for pieces to be added later and still look like they belong.  It has some features that are just a little different that it makes you go....hey, that is stylish!

Sent the URL to G-man....and he responded with "that's the one."  So we both love it.

And then the double catch.  1)  It is on  Which means we have no idea how long it will be available.  It appears to have been on the site for a while, and I am tempted to call just to see how many they have.  Which brings us to 2)  Not in the budget!

Well pooper scoopers.  I have rationalized this every which way til Sunday.  We probably could pay it off within 6 months if we put debt repayment on hold.  I would love to say we could save up for it, but we risk it not being there in 6 months.

Plus, at this stage of our journey, saving isn't our strong suit.  Money we ear mark for something gets used for something else that we don't have enough in the budget for (such as car repairs).  Which I could spin off into my ING rant....but I digress.

I am really really trying to tell myself...if it is the one, it will be there when we have the money for it.  We don't NEED it.  It is a pure, unadulterated WANT (we don't have a dining room set at all....just an old IKEA kitchen table that has seen better days...and this wouldn't replace our IKEA set....just give us the dining room we want).  But I want to kick and scream and say I WANT IT!!!!  WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

GRRR.  Darn debt. 

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  1. I hear you. I do that all the time. I am getting ready to actually take a financial class at our church. So I will learn to wait. If it is a want...Just wait. I have wanted new doors for 8 years...but they still work...although one of the locks on one of the doors is broken..but it has two locks. Darn. So we are waiting. Grrr. Waiting is hard...but you can do it. Look at the bigger picture. Being debt free.
    Did I encourage you to wait?