Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - April 25

The Good:  I am finally ready to open our ING Direct account!  We got our tax return (which is set aside for home renovation/repairs).  So I am getting it out of our main account where it is in danger of being gobbled up!  I am looking forward to do this and hopefully expanding our use of the account in the near future.

The Bad:  Looking at items that are total wants and not needs.  As I have stated before, the majority of our debt was not from shopping, vacations, and wants.  It was from groceries, gas, child care....AKA NEEDS.  But considering the last piece of furniture we purchased (the children's twin beds excluded), was in the year 2000, I am Jonesin' for some new stuff.  So I look....and look....which creates wants.....which creates chinks in the armor that is debt reduction.

The Ugly:  Guilty.  Guilty.  The kids needed some new clothes for spring (alas, they do tend to grow!).  I did look at consignment stores and thrift shops...but not much in their size.  So one of the larger chain stores had a great sale I went shopping.  Got a few small things for me, and a few new tops for G-man (in an attempt to get him out of cargo pants and t shirts!).  $150 damage...on CC4.  I did earn $30 "free" cash to be used next week...and based on full prices...I saved $233.  (Is that a futile attempt at making my $150 purchase less UGLY????)  I will have the money to pay it off in May with 3 paychecks it isn't HORRID.  But I just paid that bad boy off....and now it has a balance again.

Let's hear yours!  What do you wanna brag about....what dirty little secret happened this week?  Spill it!

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