Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sharing a secret with you all

Only G-man knows about this so far.  I don't plan on telling in real life people unless it all works out.  BUT...

I am applying for a full time job.

A position opened at the community college for a learning center coordinator.  Although my Master's Degree is in Elementary Education, I am hoping that maybe I can convince them that I can also work with older students.  The requirement was just for a Master's....didn't say in what.

It is actually a 10 month position, so I would be home for the summer (or able to do something else).  It is 2.5 miles from my my commute would be nothing.  It would allow me to run over to the school if I needed to in a jiffy.  And if I was able to work my hours right, we would avoid most of the afterschool care costs.

And of course.....this would more that triple my salary.  Thus allowing us to really get out of debt super fast.  The change in our life would be extreme, and G-man knows he would have to mega step up to the plate.  But, the payouts are huge if this works out.

So, here I go....brushing off the ole resume.  Wish me luck...and any pointers?


  1. WHOA! This is a big deal. Good luck! Fingers crossed for you. Keep me updated.

  2. Big step, but I know that all of those numbers in the sidebar are your motivation. There was an article on yahoo today about 10 phrases your shouldn't use in your resume. Do education resumes look different than corporate ones? Or does that hold true just for teachers? Good luck!

  3. Mysti here....

    Education resumes look like corporate ones. My biggest challenge is going to be the lack of education experience per se.

    I had just finished my Master's when I had the kids. Then I was home with them for 5 years (but with a special needs child...I was certainly working!) Then I have spent 2 years doing admin work...

    And my previous stuff was admin and HR.

    I am not holding my breath. But hey, I gotta try, right?