Saturday, April 17, 2010

I did it!

OK, I know I am a geek....One of my blogging goals was to double my followers from 15 to 30....and I am officially there!  Thank you followers.

The common comment I have received from new readers is that I am brave and so honest.  Well, thanks again.  It actually wasn't that hard to admit all of this "publicly."  Our lives have been open books since the birth of our children (we are talking multiple tv appearances, newspaper articles, and radio spots).  So we just look at this as an extension of that.....hoping that others will learn from our experiences (gee, can you tell that I am a teacher???).

I will continue to tell you my thoughts and plans....and which ones are working, and which ones aren't.  I just ask you to comment and tell me your thoughts too!

Since I met my goal in April....let's set a new one:  45 readers by the end of the year.  Tell your friends!


  1. I love that you set goals and achieve them. That will happen with your finances too girl! Congrats on 30!

  2. I am now officially Follower #33!!!!!!!!!!

    FYI... I spent all day getting to know you!

    Thanks for your transparency, honesty, and P&V.