Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Energy

Happy Earth Day!!

So I got a call from Viridian Energy last night.  Our state is deregulated, which means you can have one of multiple energy suppliers.  Of course, they are all trying to get your business.  We had Dominion Energy, which was one of the cheaper problems.

Viridian is new to our state, and they offer a "greener" solution to electric.  Additionally, their rate is lower!  Plus, they offered us a $50 cash rebate to switch over to them (no contract).  So we did it.

Now, the $50 cash will of course go into the debt repayment pot.  The reduced rate...that is a little trickier for us.  We are on a budget plan that doesn't reset until January.  So, we might get charged less per month, but in total, it will end up as a credit at the end of the year and actually effect NEXT YEAR'S plan.

Assuming our energy consumption stays the same, it will save us probably $5-$10 a month.  I am hoping to continue to cut our energy goal is to have our electric bill under $100 a month (we are at $123 right now).

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